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The present invention relates to a loudspeaker diaphragm having a low density glass substrate.
Generally, the reproduction band of the speaker is determined by the diaphragm, and the wider
the frequency band that can vibrate as a rigid body, the better. Therefore, as the material of the
diaphragm, a material having a large value (acoustic impedance) of the square root JF- / p of the
ratio of Young's modulus E to the density ρ is required. On the other hand, in order to improve
the efficiency of the speaker, particularly the sound pressure characteristics of the low-pitched
part, the diaphragm needs to be light in weight, and as a material having each of these features,
for example, A diaphragm having a laminated structure with a light metal foil is preferable.
However, a diaphragm of such a laminated structure (in the prior art, a light metal foil made of
aluminum, magnesium, or an alloy of these metals is directly heat-pressed (melted) onto the
acoustic radiation side of the foam plastic substrate. Alternatively, it was glued with an adhesive.
For this reason, in the prior art, the acoustic impedance changes relatively rapidly between the
laminated structures, which adversely affects the reproduction frequency characteristics (true). In
addition, since the flatness on the side of the acoustic radiation surface of the base is not so good,
the conditions between the laminated structures become unstable, and the stability of the
performance of the speaker is degraded. It is an object of the present invention to contribute to
the stability of speaker performance and the improvement of reliability even when the
reproduction frequency characteristic is properly counted. Hereinafter, the present invention will
be described based on an embodiment shown in the drawings. As shown in the figure, the
speaker If] diaphragm 1 of this embodiment has a base 2 made of a low density plastic such as
hard expandable polystyrene or polyurethane. The acoustic radiation side 31 of the base 2 is
provided with a light metal foil, for example, a metal foil 4 made of a light metal such as
aluminum, magne / lam or the like, or an alloy thereof. 5はエツジである。 A paper quality layer
6 is provided between the acoustic radiation side 3 of the substrate 2 and the metal foil 4. The
paper quality layer 6 is appropriately selected from thin paper, kraft paper, imitation paper, high
quality paper and the like according to the material of the base 2 and the material of the metal
foil 4. It is desirable that the acoustic impedance of the paper material layer 6 be intermediate
between that of the substrate 2 and the metal foil 4. Unlike the metal foil 4, the paper quality
layer 6 easily adheres to the acoustic radiation side 3 even if the acoustic radiation side 3 of the
substrate 2 is rough or the flatness is not good, and the uneven surface is averaged. It also has
the effect of improving the appearance of the metal foil surface. In the drawing, the thickness of
the metal foil 4 and the paper quality layer 6 is drawn thicker than the actual thickness for the
sake of explanation.
Although the paper layer 6 in the embodiment is a single layer, a plurality of layers may be used.
In this case, the paper layer 6 of the paper layer 6 is changed so that the acoustic impedance
between the substrate 2 and the metal foil 4 changes more gradually. It is good to choose a
material suitably. As described above, according to the present invention, since the paper layer is
provided between the substrate and the metal foil, the change in the acoustic impedance of the
acoustic energy transfer path from the drive coil of the speaker to the acoustic radiation surface
is slowed This makes it possible to have good reproduction frequency characteristics. In addition,
even if the flatness of the surface of the substrate is not good, the metal foil is provided through
the paper layer, so that the conditions between the layers can be stabilized, and therefore
variations in the diaphragm structure are eliminated. Improve the stability of the performance,
reliability (this is a contributing dog.
Brief description of the drawings
Fig. T is a schematic front view of a speaker diaphragm according to an embodiment of the
present invention.
1: Speaker diaphragm, 2: substrate, 4: metal foil, 6: paper quality layer. Application person Toyo
Toyo Electric Co., Ltd. is embedded.
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