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The present invention relates to a low-density, lightweight, waterproof diaphragm for a speaker.
In general, the performance required for the speaker diaphragm is as follows: ■, the weight
density is small 2, the Young's modulus is high, and the internal loss is 3 in order to improve the
electrical characteristics such as the output sound pressure frequency characteristics of the
speaker. The size is appropriately large, and the processability is easy, and the price is low. As a
material which satisfies these to some extent, a beater made of beaten wood pulp has been used
conventionally. However, although the diaphragm by the water valve satisfies the abovementioned required characteristics to some extent, its lightness has a certain limit, and is
susceptible to the influence of humidity etc. was there. Moreover, the diaphragm by resin
processing for the purpose of a high Young's modulus and a waterproof effect had the fault of
causing the increase in density, and an internal loss not being obtained moderately. In recent
years, as a diaphragm of synthetic resin designed to reduce weight, it is made to foam by mixing
foam with polystyrene, polyurek, etc., or natural fibers, synthetic fibers, etc. with unfoamed ¥
1′L child. There is something. However, in the case of such a speaker diaphragm, the former is
deficient in weight reduction as compared to a paper-made diaphragm, and in the latter, too, the
foam weakens in the fiber-to-fiber bond and the bonding force is weakened. Therefore, the
modulus of elasticity is extremely reduced, and there is a drawback such as no waterproofness,
as with the diaphragm made of wood pulp. The present invention eliminates the abovementioned drawbacks, and has a high modulus of elasticity, a low density, a suitable acoustical
internal loss, etc., which are performances required for a loudspeaker diaphragm, and a
waterproof diaphragm as well. It is intended to be provided. That is, as shown in the partial
enlarged cross sectional view of FIG. 1, the speaker diaphragm according to the present invention
is made of a natural fiber or a synthetic 011 fiber, or a mixture of these fibers. A mixed residence
of particles and a polymer having a 3i-o bond is applied via the binder 2 and the independent
porous layer 3 and the waterproof film 4 are formed on the surface of the diaphragm substrate 1
by heating. As natural fibers used for the above-mentioned diaphragm substrate 1, if NU K I
'pulp, synthetic fibers and polyamide fibers are used as C, inorganic fibers such as glass fibers
and carbon fibers may be mixed. The non-foamed particles include, for example, vinyl chloride
non-foamed particles and the like, and as the binder 2, a thermoplastic resin such as vinyl
chloride resin is used.
As the polymer having a 5i-o bond, for example, a silicone resin having an R group shown in the
structural formula of FIG. 2 is used. The method of manufacturing the speaker diaphragm
according to the present invention is as follows. First, natural or synthetic fibers obtained by
beating a NUKP valve, or fibers obtained by mixing them (A is formed to obtain a diaphragm base
+ AI of a desired shape. Next, 90 to 100 parts by weight of a thermoplastic resin is mixed with 5
to 10 parts by weight of toluene in a stirrer 11 with 10 to 20 parts by weight G of unexpanded
particles such as vinylidene chloride. Thus, a relatively viscous whole unfoamed particle emulsion
is obtained. To this emulsion, 30 to 700 to 70 parts by weight of an organic solvent of a polymer
having Si-o bond is added at a weight ratio of about 2: 1, and the mixture is well stirred and
mixed. In this way, the Y (¥ is applied and impregnated into the 1-rolling plate substrate 1 by a
spray gun or immersion). In the case of using a spray gun, when the bore of the spray gun is
small, mist-like application is possible, and as the bore becomes larger, it becomes granular. After
foaming, the former gives an ocular, lcy foam, the latter a relatively large, powdery foam. Such
changes make it possible to express novel uniqueness in appearance. With regard to foaming due
to these heating, hot air circulation type at 130 to 140 ° C., for 2 to 3 minutes in a constant
humidity tank, or for 20 to 30 seconds in a mold provided with a gear and a blow rate. Add #!
Make 1 foam. In the speaker diaphragm thus obtained, the waterproof effect is enhanced as the
amount of MW attached to the resin is increased, and a decrease in density and an increase in
internal loss can be obtained. However, since the elastic modulus also decreases, if the amount of
adhesion is extremely large, it causes distortion due to split resonance. Therefore, in the present
invention, the dynamic and static properties are also effective at an adhesion amount of 20 to
30%. Furthermore, in the above-mentioned vibration for loudspeakers, foaming of non-foamed
particles occurs due to heating, but at that time the thermoplastic vinyl chloride resin adheres to
the foam and the surface of the diaphragm for loudspeakers. In addition, at the time of
application, since the compatible silicone resin exhibits the function of a foam stabilizer, the
application unevenness is eliminated, and after heating, it becomes a film covering the surface of
the speaker diaphragm, so that it is waterproof. Get In this waterproofing test, the treated
diaphragm was immersed in water and allowed to stand for 24 hours, but no penetration of the
inside and ¥ and no deterioration in waterproofing was observed. Also, in a constant temperature
and humidity chamber with a temperature of 45 ° C. and a humidity of 9596 for 96 hours in a
moisture test, no deformation was found and it was also confirmed that the moisture resistance
was excellent.
Furthermore, by using a thermosetting resin such as an epoxy resin as the binder, it is also
possible to improve the elastic modulus while holding waterproof and curing. This fact takes
advantage of the characteristic advantage of a single-sliding plate for loudspeakers consisting of
natural fibers and scientific fibers, and by using a polymer having a low density and weight
reduction and a S i-o bond of foam. It is an object of the present invention to provide an excellent
speaker diaphragm which has a waterproof effect simultaneously. Next, an embodiment of the
present invention will be shown. The NUKP pulp was adjusted to a beating degree of about 25 °
SR by a beating machine, and this was formed into a sheet to obtain a diaphragm-shaped
substrate 1 of a cone shape having an aperture of 16 cm. Next, an emulsion is prepared by
stirring and mixing 100 parts by weight of a vinyl chloride resin with 10 parts by weight of a
torque converter with 10 parts by weight of unexpanded particles of vinylidene chloride, and an I
luene of 50 weight silicone resin in which an R group is a methyl group. The solution was added
at a weight ratio of 2 l to obtain a mixture. Apply to the diaphragm base material 1 from a
distance of 40 to 50 (cm) with a spray gun of this size; night 1 row 1, oc steel day], heat dry at
about 130 ° C. for 3 minutes, shake The independent porous tank 3 and the waterproof film 4
were formed on the surface of the plate substrate 1. In addition, the weight increase of the
vibrating plate after drying was 28% relative to 1% of the JJ plate base material. Table 1 shows
the physical property values and the waterproofness of the above-mentioned embodiment of the
present invention by using the conventional U K P pulp diaphragm (conventional example 1) and
the resin base of the present invention as the diaphragm base 4,1. The diaphragm (comparative
example) of 5% and the diaphragm (comparative example 2) of 11 parts of 50% are similarly
shown. Table 1 As is apparent from this table (in this example, 伺,? If the rm is about 20 to 30
(%), then 1 peristaltic 4 recoil with 1 density (1 \, even moderate internal I stone fire without
lowering the elastic modulus) may be captured 1 all right. In the present invention, a diaphragm
having a desired physical property value can be selected (q) by appropriately selecting and
combining the material of the diaphragm base, the binder and the non-foamed particles for the
application of the diaphragm in the present invention. It is clear.
Brief description of the drawings
FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of the diaphragm of the present invention, and FIG.
It is a structural drawing of resin with 5i-o bond used for invention. 1 ... diaphragm base material,
2 ... binder, 3 ... independent porous layer, 4 ... waterproof layer.
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