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The present invention relates to a speaker diaphragm, and relates to a speaker diaphragm
including B '(: L <: stretched film sheet i). Generally, the following conditions are required as a
speaker diaphragm. ■ Mass is small. ■ A large Young's modulus. ■ The internal In loss is
appropriately large. Condition (2) is to increase efficiency and improve transient characteristics.
V) Condition (2) is to broaden hydrofluoric acid, improve transient characteristics and extend
high-pitched range. This is to suppress divided vibration, reduce the peak dip of high frequency
resonance, and flatten the frequency characteristic. It is difficult to satisfy all of these conditions,
and usually a diaphragm mainly made of wood pulp is used. This wood pulp-based one can be
easily mixed with inorganic fibers and synthetic fibers, and the diaphragm with various
characteristics can be easily made by the manufacturing method (paper making method,
dewatering method etc.), impregnation treatment with resin etc. can get. Furthermore, it is
relatively low cost. However, moisture resistance and waterproofness are inferior, and there is a
problem that the sound quality is influenced by the environment. As a solution to this problem,
there is a diaphragm made of a metal such as aluminum 2 'beryllium or a synthetic resin such as
polyethylene or polypropylene. Metals are used, for example, as diaphragms for driver units and
as diaphragms of ribbon type or capacitor type, but as cone type diaphragms, internal loss is
small and density is large. Not used much by In order to compensate for the internal ti4 people,
there is a method of making a honeycomb structure with a dumping ring A, or a method of
applying a dumping agent, etc., but the processability is bad, the cost is high, and the sound
quality is not satisfactory. On the other hand, although the thing of a synthetic resin is excellent
in workability compared with a thing made of a valve and metal next month, there is a problem
that -tong rate is small. For this reason, although it does not consist of synthetic resin alone,
usually fillers such as mica, carbon fiber, glass fiber etc. are mixed, but it is influenced by the
kind and mixing ratio of filling 41, and desired characteristics are obtained There is a problem
that density and internal loss change. The present invention has been made to improve a
diaphragm made of synthetic fiber resin, which is excellent in temperature resistance, water
resistance and processability, and its purpose is to change the density and internal loss without
changing A speaker diaphragm having an improved Young's modulus. The present invention will
be described below. In the present invention, a polyolefin-based crystal resin or a polyolefinbased crystal resin filled with an inorganic filler is filled in a stretched film sheet to form the
entire diaphragm.
Examples of polyolefin synthetic resins include polypropylene and polyethylene. Polypropylene is
represented by the following structural formula. Here, each bond of carbon C can be freely
rotated at an angle. Therefore, as the degree of polymerization increases and the polymer
becomes a polymer, the molecules become entangled three-dimensionally, and the crystal part
becomes irregular. By stretching this, the molecular arrangement becomes one-dimensional or
two-dimensional, the degree of crystallinity increases, and the Young's modulus increases. In this
case, density and internal loss hardly change. As the inorganic filler, mica, carbon fiber, glass
fiber or the like is used. Since the fillers are also arranged one-dimensionally or twodimensionally by drawing, the tong ratio is further increased. The two before stretching include
−axial stretching and biaxial stretching, which are selected according to the diaphragm shape.
For example, FIG. 1a. In the elliptical diaphragm 1 as shown in b, a uniaxially stretched film sheet
in which the molecular arrangement is one-dimensional is suitable. Further, a biaxially stretched
film sheet is suitable for the circular 3 · 1f type diaphragm 2 as shown in FIGS. 2a and 2b. In
order to form the film sheet I · into the diaphragm shape, for example, as shown in FIG. Heat
molding through. As described above, according to the present invention, 11X′′1 is composed
of a polyolefin crystal resin as a main component, and the polyolefin crystal resin is stretched by
a film sheet, so that the density and internal (n loss almost change) It is possible to increase the
tongue ratio, to provide a speaker diaphragm with well-balanced high frequency loss and wellbalanced frequency characteristics and sound quality. In addition, since the Young's modulus can
be increased by the drawing process, it is not necessary to mix the filler, and if it is mixed, the
amount of the filler can be reduced as much as possible, and the filler is mixed. It is possible to
avoid the inconvenience caused by the problem. Next, specific examples of the present invention
will be described. A diaphragm made of a biaxially-stretched film sheet of polypropylene
(Invention I) and a diaphragm made of a biaxially-stretched polypropylene film containing 30%
by weight of mica mixed therein When the density, Young's modulus and internal loss of (a) were
measured, the results shown in the following table were obtained. For comparison, the
diaphragm (comparative example I) configured using a non-oriented sheet of polypropylene and
the diaphragm configured using a non-oriented sheet of polypropylene mixed with 30% by
weight of mica (comparative example ■) The same measurement was carried out for the above
and the results are shown in the table.
As apparent from the above table, the present invention using a stretched sheet In II, Young's
modulus increased with almost no change in density and internal loss. Further, when the
frequency characteristics of the present invention {circle over (1)} and the comparative example
{circle over (1)} were determined, the result shown in FIG. 4 was obtained. The invention H is
represented by a dotted line, and the comparative example H is represented by a thin line. As is
clear from FIG. 4, the high range of the present invention can be extended more than that of the
comparative example.
Brief description of the drawings
FIGS. 7a and 7b are a plan view and a side view of a diaphragm of the present invention, FIG. 3 is
an explanatory view of a manufacturing process, and FIG. 4 is a frequency characteristic view.
{Circle over (2)} 2 Diaphragm 3 Film sheet 4 heating mold.
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