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It is an object of the present invention (or an edge for a speaker, particularly to improvement of a
vibration-system supporting member of a tamper-toner of a speaker, particularly). In order to
strengthen the speaker's Alfl t'Ai property, it has been conventionally put to practical use: i + j 1: I
l 4 j V, odor-C-I J j's, Iil burning j> +; . However, at present, the flame retarding treatment for
parts supporting a vibration system including a speaker diaphragm such as a tamper or an edge
has not been considered very much. Therefore, even if a diaphragm that has been subjected to a
flame retardant treatment is used as a clamp, rumpers are colored with a phenolic resin in cotton
cloth as in the prior art. ! 2 element index (the minimum oxygen saturation necessary to maintain
combustion (body (? The value of 4 ratios (%) was 17 to 23 degrees, and it was perfectly clear
that it had sufficient flame retardancy. Therefore, in order to solve the above-mentioned
drawbacks, the present invention is a support member formed by impregnating a woven fabric of
fibers consisting of acryl fibers with several hundred degrees of 1 W and impregnating
brominated epoxy branch 1 fat into In the following, Kumper will be described in detail as an
example. It is a fiber with a diameter of 1: 3 to 17 μiη represented by the chemical structural
formula. That is, the main elements are C (64%) and N (21%). A nitrogen-containing sixmembered ring 1: 6 polymer composed of 0 (12 、), [-T (30%) or a three-dimensional structure
further bonded between molecules. Such J silk Shishi weave (Attachment 470! i′An ′ ′) I,
24% woven fabric. -Dissolve in a bath i1 'consisting of 10,000 parts of a epoxo resin and a curing
agent at a weight ratio of 1: 0.8 and a mixture of acetone and toluene in a volume i: L of 1: 1. (40
W [%] will be done. The substrate woven fabric was dipped in 2% A @ 'tlk and pulled up once.
Thus, the substrate was impregnated with 200% by weight of resin. Next, the woven fabric
impregnated with the resin was pressed at a can temperature of 1 ° C. for 2 minutes to obtain a
damper of a predetermined shape. The oxygen index of this damper was 31. This is a very high
value compared to the conventional damper, and it was possible to provide the flame-retardant
improved tamper which is the object of the present invention. The fact that the tamper of the
present invention requires a high oxygen index is presumed to be due to the following reason.
That is, the combustion of a substance is generated by the phenomenon that the substance is
decomposed by heat and vaporized, the vaporized molecules react with oxygen in the air to
generate a large heat, and further the decomposition or vaporization is promoted by this heat. It
On the other hand, the fibers constituting the substrate woven fabric according to the present
invention are already bound with a large amount of oxygen, which is considered to be due to the
fact that oxygen reaction (oxidation) is newly suppressed. It is considered that the bromine lancal
generated is a reaction (hardening) with oxygen or 111 + 1i 11 in order to combine with an
active group to be bonded with oxygen or Razocar 1.15 first. In addition, the impregnation of the
resin with respect to the body rIJ may be selected in consideration of the moldability and the
desired mechanical characteristics of the support member, but according to the present
invention, the impregnation of the resin The preferred range is 5 wt% to 21) we%. That is, at 5 wt
and less than X, the shape floor support (shapeability) "!" If the combustion efficiency is not
practical-and 20 wt% or less ", the stiffness becomes too large, which affects the discharge
support function inherent to the damper. As described in the following 1-, the present invention
comprises impregnating a brominated epoxy resin as an embellishment Mlj with an acrylic fiber;
a small rope made of woven L obtained by firing with several hundreds of ff, and ff.成 11 'i' +, <m
<JmJ の 薄 誠 誠 · 前 記 · 1 1 [in addition to its own flammability in addition to the flame
retardant epoxy resin 'jril burning 71 fold It has an effect that has an unusual chi (F flammable 1
/ i).
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