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(1) Technical Field of the Invention The present invention relates to a method of manufacturing a
plate according to the present invention, in which a speaker or the like is excited. The ceramic
acoustic diaphragm of the three-dimensional mesh-like skeletal structure groove λ4 is
manufactured by firing -1 勺. As a diaphragm of the +21 prior art speaker, one using a ceramic
excellent in heat resistance and elastic modulus + cg is conventionally known. In the case of a
diaphragm made of ceramic, weight reduction is a problem, and therefore, it is considered that
bamboo is used to reduce the apparent specific gravity by forming vc nitrogen gaps in the
ceramic plate. Therefore, in the prior art, as shown in, for example,% Open Sho. However, it is
very IJj daughter that ceramic is fragile (friable), and it was practically impossible vc when
considering the cost. In general, as shown in FIG. 1, the plate-like member 2 is coated with the
adhesive 1 in a zigzag manner and then stacked and accumulated (FIG. 1 (al), as shown in FIG. 1).
(B)), and it is manufactured by expanding (FIG. (C)), but the nycam structure thus produced has a
splaying direction and seven hundred [1 p 4-angle] The bending stiffness in the direction differs
by about two times, and the bending stiffness in both directions changes -3- even with the degree
of expansion (variation in tensile strength). As a matter of fact, one peristaltic thousand-dot is not
axisymmetric, for example, a circular flat plate-) 3M 1 + / + plate vC has a nodal line shape (a
vibration of 1 咄A line connecting zero points it] is an oval shaped voice coil if it is driven by + +
+ + + + 悄 and 」悄 す す す す 悄 す す す す す す / / And 11'1 circular low (magnetic circuit
with air gap becomes convenient, and it is extremely difficult in production. + A + y; The purpose
of ease This invention is a point vc source, as described above, "is a solid, high rigidity and high
in structure, there is no anisotropy in the structure, and a circular nodal line shape easily This is
a method of providing a method of mounting a diaphragm on a shore with a three-dimensional
mesh-like skeleton 4I 漬 j which can be driven by a valley hi) vc node. This invention according to
the +41 invention of this invention forms a compact by forming a flammable foam of a flexible
polyurethane foam excellent in a plate shape, and impregnating a slurry-like (paste-like) ceramic
in this composition According to K, the flame-retardant foam is burnt away to form a diaphragm
substrate, and the diaphragm substrate is air-impermeable to make the three-dimensional meshlike acoustic diaphragm be like a pear knife 6. It is a thing.
(5) Embodiments of the Invention The embodiments of the present invention will be described
with reference to the south side. First, an acoustic diaphragm of a three-dimensional mesh-like
skeletal structure to which the present invention is applied will be described. FIG. 2 shows a
speaker device in which the cone diaphragm 10 has a three-dimensional mesh-like skeletal
structure. In FIG. 2, the cone diaphragm 10 is fixed at its peripheral edge portion to the frame 12
through the edge 9 and the gasket 1 vr, r, n is held. A center camp 13 is attached to the center of
the cone diaphragm 10. Further, a voice coil bobbin 14 is attached to the outer surface of the
voice coil bobbin 14, and a voice coil 15 is wound around it. The voice coil bobbin 14 is
supported by the frame r via the damper 16 and 7SI. The frame 1.2 VC is provided with a trajoke
plate 17, a ferrule r stone J 8 and a bottom yoke plate 19. A seventeenth ball piece 1.9a formed
at the center of the bottom yoke 19 is shown in FIG. 3 which is an enlarged view of the portion
shown by the alternate long and short dash line A in FIG. As shown in FIG. 3, the cone plate 11
middle plate 1o is purchased on the side of the diaphragm base and on the untracking material 2
which is attached to the surface. The (1iii Ql) J-plate substrate is made of a ceramic of a threedimensional network structure. As the ceramic side group, alumina (.DELTA.12 o3), silicon
carbide (SIC), silicon nitride <81; lN4) are preferable, but those shown in the following table are
squeezed by 1-I. (An enlarged view of a gauze substrate base is shown in FIG. 4. The diaphragm
substrate 2 (J is made of a three-dimensional mesh-like framework ceramic 20a and is made of
zinc, and has air permeability due to the nitrogen gaps 20b. FIG. 4 ial is the case where the
porosity is high (ie, the specific gravity is small), and FIG. 4 (bl is the case where the q-rate is
small (1- the specific gravity is large). 7j: j6, the diaphragm substrate side does not act as an
acoustic diaphragm if it is a member that allows air flow to 4-J, so the above-mentioned non
1111 4 4iVU b [Thus, impermeable treatment 1- filter. Non-M (i air treatment Jllj is the method
of covering the surface of the side of the diaphragm base with air-impermeable 2), and the inside
of the diaphragm base is impregnated with the non-air-permeable phrase! You can take it. FIG. 5
shows a Subby 'blade device id having a plate-like diaphragm: 30 as a third order U and a meshlike frame structure. The flat plate lll board 30 is a voice coil bobbin 1.4 [accommodated drive
cone: 11 vc supported t.
In addition, the peripheral portion of the flat diaphragm 300 is supported at the edge 9 by a
valve (2)] v-m 11 vc. As for the 714 minutes of 1 series IL, since it is the same composition as the
speaker of FIG. 2, it attaches the same code as FIG. 21 and omits the explanation. An enlarged
view of a portion indicated by an alternate long and short dash line B in FIG. 5 is shown in FIG. As
shown in FIG. 6, K and the flat diaphragm J are coated on the surface of a diaphragm base 32
made of ceramic having a three-dimensional network structure like the cone imaging plate 10 of
FIG. Non-pervious material: 3; Next, one embodiment of the present invention, which is a method
of manufacturing the ceramic-half-vibration diaphragm having the three-dimensional network
structure, will be described. FIG. 7 shows a manufacturing process for producing a ceramic
acoustic plate 1IuJ plate of a three-dimensional network structure using a soft foam
polyurethane foam as a body. The blue process will be described in order. The numbers attached
to the respective steps in FIG. 7 correspond to the bath numbers fc in the respective steps shown
in the following description. ■ First, slice the block-like soft polyurethane foam into a plate.
Since l1il [A foam polyurethane foam is formed as shown in FIG. 8 (air ic 35 as shown by cells nu
35, each of the skeletons is not damaged, for example, at least the cell membrane is not damaged.
The bubble film is removed using a so-called explosion method or the like in which a quotient
temperature / pressure state is applied for a sufficiently short time enough to be volatilized by
the high heat, as shown in FIG. 8 (bl K, ij "" I'm 51, only 1- on the skeleton. ■ Cut a plate-like soft
foam polyurethane foam with only a skeleton remaining, and cut the size of a 1 辰 IIJ board into
a light cover that has a light distribution "3". ■ In the history, heat Zoreth [The amount of
shrinkage due to n 'mentioned above is taken into consideration, and it is formed into a singleacting plate shape (a funnel shape) in a large amount and a large amount (flat plate shape l1ill in
FIG. 5 Plate: not necessary in the case of 30), form a sheet 4 plate 1 molded body-+ -6. ■ On the
other hand, another π, alumina, carbon carbide, silicon nitride, and other ceramics 9 and
monthly fee 1-. ■ These ceramic raw materials are compounded, crushed and mixed to make a
slurry method (paste-like) f'1-6 ° 1liJ M self-vibration plate base composite body impregnated
with slurry ceramic. {Circle around (2)} Remove excess slurry and deposit ceramic raw material
on the frame of the S & S base molding 14 (in the same manner as above). ■ Dry it.
dΩ When dry, grind and bake /). Upon firing, a ceramic foam is formed which has a skeleton
groove layer on which the mesh-like wall portion of the j-motion plate base compact has been
transferred as it is. In this process, the diaphragm base compact is completely burned out. (J: The
fired old form foam has good air permeability, so “i” LvC communication λ (flow treatment).
As the method of the non-air-passing treatment, various things shown next are considered. (2)
Method by paste-up NFC, AI, Be, TI, B, carbon fiber-FRP, aramid fiber-FRP, etc. are adhered to the
surface of the diaphragm substrate 200. ■ Method by coating of latex Vibrator base · · For the
appearance of sterility, acrylic f 竣 ester latitux, acrylonitrile citadiene rubber latex, and styrene
tactican latex are grown, and the processing is carried out at the edge angle It is These latexes
have an internal loss (tan δ) of j j j), so they act in any way 1-. ○ Method of coating by the same
ceramic material () By means of plasma bathing q-, the surface of the vibrating single plate
substrate 2LJ is treated with the same ceramic (bathing and sealing treatment) . Although f = 3
and the impermeable material 2I are formed on both sides of the gL 11 plate base 20 in the
example of the ridges 1 and 3 in the example of FIG. Also, the surface of the diaphragm base 200
may be impregnated with the inside thereof to be l-Ith-l, instead of being supported. In the above
embodiment, η was invented for a local office using soft and soft polyurethane foam as the
diaphragm base molded body, but using other Bi-Fiber 19 mm light shavings is also aJ ability. (6)
According to the manufacturing method of the 1 # imaging moving plate of the present invention
described in detail in the present invention, the following effects can be obtained tt /). ■
Acquiring an acoustic vibration v I root of a three-dimensional network structure. Since the threedimensional reticulated framework has a three-dimensionally overlapped framework, apparently
high bending rigidity can be obtained. Also, as a result of high bending rigidity, it is possible to
easily increase the v-c nitrogen gap in practical use (80 to 90%), and to set the apparent specific
gravity to 0.3 to 0.6 similar to that of paper. Can do 6 +. In addition, since it is made of ceramic
material, Young's modulus IEI is high, and apparent specific gravity ()) can be reduced, and in
combination with this, sound velocity (V-correction 7) can be increased. (1) According to the
manufacturing method of the present invention, the ceramic acoustic vibrator having a threedimensional network structure can be easily manufactured, and the thickness of the skeleton of
the flammable foam forming the diaphragm base compact and the air bubbles By adjusting the
adhesion amount of the ceramic raw material according to the density of 1), it is possible to
change the thickness and density of the skeleton of the diaphragm substrate, and to set apparent
specific gravity R and rigidity variously.
■ By using the manufacturing method of the present invention, a three-dimensional mesh-like
framework blue ceramic base having a uniform structure with less anisotropy in structure is
obtained, so that circular nodal lines are easily obtained. And filament dV1 can be easily
attached. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Figure 1 shows a general # method of the honeycomb structure,
Figure 2 is a three-dimensional 1) general purpose of the present invention 1-a cross-sectional
view showing a cone swing vl plate 10 of a reticulated frame + IIt 逍 1-a fil- ter speaker device
Fig. 3 is an enlarged view of a portion shown by-in Fig. 2- Fig. 3 is an enlarged view of the 4i 10J
plate base, where lal has less sticking of the raw material of the raw material, and fbl has a large
amount of 4 ′ ′ J / 1 ′ # i + t of ceramic raw material. Fig. 5 shows a speaker apparatus
according to the present invention, which is used for J-drawing and which has a threedimensional mesh-like structure, a flat plate structure, a flat plate structure, and a 30 "screen. l is
an enlarged view of a portion shown by a single point lead scale B of Cal 5 FIG. VC, and FIG. 7
shows 7 j of a method of manufacturing a stone effect diaphragm of this I-light 7/14 Fig. 78
shows the structure of one bubble of soft-cut polyurethane foam 2F, fat removes the bubble film
35 1- filter before, lbl removes bubble 1i + '435, and only the skeleton It is left behind.
DESCRIPTION OF SYMBOLS 10 ... Cone diaphragm, addition ... plate-like diaphragm, addition, 32
... vibration Il (nu) J board | substrate, 2]: 33 ... Impermeable material, Mu) a ... ceramic frame |
skeleton, Addition b: void.
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