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[Technical field of the invention] The present invention is an electroacoustic transducer, in
particular, an edge which improves linearity Y with respect to vibration a in the direction of the
diaphragm OJ axis and is difficult to cause abnormal vibration. The present invention relates to
an electroacoustic transducer. [Prior Art] FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view showing a representative
speaker as an electroacoustic transducer, and in the figure, (1) is a diaphragm, (21 is a sheet of
cotton cloth or urethane foam, etc. Edge supporting diaphragm (1) on frame (3), (4) subcone, (5)
voice coil bobbin, (6) damper, (7) voice coil, (8) top The plate, (9) is a pole piece, and (10) is a
magnet. In the speaker configured in 5 above, the edge (2) supporting the peripheral end of the
diaphragm (1) has a large effect on the low frequency characteristics and high frequency
characteristics of the speaker? Have. Therefore, the performance required for the edge includes,
for example, linearity and goodness with respect to the axial movement of the diaphragm (1) and
that divisional vibration and abnormal resonance do not occur. The shape of the edge (2) is
generally asymmetrical in the vertical direction to 5 shown in FIG. 1 when the alternating current
signal is added to the speaker, the movement of the diaphragm upward and the downward
movement. Asymmetry easily occurs in the vr of the diaphragm. In addition, since the edge (2)
also acts as a diaphragm that radiates sound, if the edge (2) is subjected to split vibration or
causes abnormal resonance, peaks and dips will be generated in the response characteristics of
the speaker. However, the conventional edge (21 is a sheet y made of cotton cloth, urethane foam
or the like, is formed into a roll or a wave, and is structurally susceptible to abnormal vibration
vj). As described above, the edge of the peripheral end of the diaphragm of the conventional
speaker is problematic in terms of material, shape and structure, and it is difficult to obtain
linearity for vibration in the axial direction θ) of the diaphragm, or division Vibration and
abnormal resonance are likely to occur, and there is a drawback that the response characteristic
of the speaker is degraded 9. [Summary of the invention: the invention is:] the noted drawbacks?
It is made for the purpose of improvement, and the edge supported on the peripheral end frame
of the diaphragm is formed of a tubular hollow vibrator made of an elastic body, and is formed in
a vertically symmetrical shape with the diaphragm [7. Is the linearity to the axial vibration of the
diaphragm? An electro-acoustic transducer with an edge that is improved and produces an
abnormal vibration << 1 is proposed. DESCRIPTION OF THE PREFERRED EMBODIMENTS FIG. 2
is a cross-sectional view showing a speaker according to an embodiment of the present invention,
in which (41 to (10) are the same as the above-mentioned conventional speaker.
(21) is an edge supported on the peripheral end frame 31 of the diaphragm (1), and the edge
(21) is an elastic body made of a hollow pipe having a hollow I-1 section, and the diaphragm +11
and the diaphragm It has a circular tubular shape symmetrical with respect to the vertical
direction of the joint with the frame (61). Furthermore, the outer peripheral end of the
diaphragm (1) can be easily joined to the edge (21) and securely held on the diaphragm (1) with
respect to the edge (21), and four parts are formed on the rim 5. ing. In addition, the inner
peripheral end of the frame (61) is also formed with a recess so that the connection with the
edge (21) is easy and the edge (21) Y can be held securely. As described above, when an AC
signal is applied to the speaker having the configuration I, the diaphragm (1) vibrates in the
vertical direction by the driving force generated in the voice coil (7), but the support member of
the diaphragm (1) Since the edge (21) is a hand-symmetrical structure and the cross-sectional
shape is a hollow vibration, the state of deformation with respect to the vibration of the
diaphragm (1) is vertically symmetrical and the followability is good, Up and down direction can
be taken high enough. In addition, the linearity with respect to the axial vibration of the
diaphragm (1) is significantly improved since the lateral movement of the diaphragm (1) has a
very large stiffness. Furthermore, since the cross-sectional shape of the edge (21) is a threedimensional structure of IJ tongue and is made of an elastic material, it is difficult for the divided
vibration or resonance phenomenon in the edge (21) to occur. In order to have the abovementioned performance, the response characteristic as a speaker is good and distortion is greatly
reduced. FIG. 3 shows another embodiment of the present invention, and shows a sectional view
of only the edge portion. In this embodiment, four parts are provided at the places where the
edge (22) joins with the frame (32) and the diaphragm (1), and at the same time the inner
peripheral end face of the frame (62) θ] and the outer peripheral end face of the diaphragm (1)
The structure has a convex portion. The operation of the vibration system is substantially the
same as that of the above embodiment, but the diaphragm (1) is more stably supported. In the
above embodiment, the cross-sectional shape of the edge is generally square, but the operation is
the same whether it is round or rhombus. Also, in the case of a cone-shaped or dome-shaped
speaker, the purpose can be achieved as in the above embodiment. As described above, according
to the present invention, the material of the edge of the electro-acoustic transducer is used as an
elastic body, and the structure thereof is formed into a tubular shape consisting of a hollow
vibrator whose shape is vertically symmetrical with respect to the diaphragm. As a result, the
linear width for the vibration in the axial direction of the diaphragm is improved, and abnormal
vibration is not easily generated, so that the l / sbons characteristic of the electroacoustic
modifier is improved and the sound is greatly reduced in distortion. Have effect Y to be obtained.
Brief description of the drawings
FIG. 1 is a sectional view showing a conventional speaker, FIG. 2 is a sectional view showing an
embodiment of the present invention, and FIG. 3 is a partial sectional view showing a part of
another embodiment of the present invention.
(11 ... diaphragm, +21. (21)、(221・・・エツジ、(31,(31)。 (32)・・・
(10)・・・マグネット。 In the drawings, the same reference numerals indicate the same or
corresponding parts. Agent Patent Attorney Shiro Kimura (7)
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