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According to the present invention, the vibrating element is supported and vibrated while being
separated and supported by a plurality of flexible sealing materials such as magnetic fluid against
the pre-torque of the imaging element so that the vibrating element vibrates while standing
independently from the support system. It is an isolated independent multiple fluid supporting
and vibrating apparatus characterized by the above, whereby a vibrating apparatus such as a
speaker with high fidelity and particularly excellent sound quality can be obtained. FIG. 1 shows
an embodiment of the present invention, in which a diaphragm 2 is provided at the center of a
bobbin 1, a voice coil 3.3 'is wound around both ends of the hobin 1 and a vibrating element 4 is
integrally formed. The voice coil 3 is inserted between the center ball 7 and the magnetic pole of
the coke 8 of the magnetic circuit 6 having the magnetic circuit 6, and the magnetic fluid 9 is
inserted to fill the space between the voice coil 3 and the center ball 7 and the yoke 8. In the
diaphragm 2, the edge 10 is fixed to the box 11 as shown in FIG. 4 by a known speaker, but
according to the present invention, the edge 12 of the diaphragm is completely not supported,
and the inclination or miso of the diaphragm 2 It is a speaker in which the diaphragm 2 is
supported from both sides via the magnetic fluid 9 so as to prevent the rubbing movement and
the like. The magnetic fluid 9 is, for example, a mixture of fine particles of magnetic substance
such as magnetite and ferrite and dioctyl azelate of diester type solvent, and the solvent is
selected from those having a high boiling point and a small evaporation amount. It is stored by
magnetic force. The spacing between the voice coil of the vibrating element and the magnetic
poles of the center ball and the yoke is kept constant by the self-centering effect of the magnetic
fluid. Further, since the inside of the bobbin 1 is sealed by the magnetic fluid to form the air
chamber 13, a damper for supporting and damping the bobbin and the diaphragm like a
conventional speaker is not required at all, and a perfect original sound can be reproduced. Not
only that, because the diaphragm is supported on both sides by the diaphragm as in the present
invention, the diaphragm edge is not required to be supported, and a large stroke and correct
and quick response are possible, so that the reproduction accuracy of the original signal and the
efficiency increase for human power are increased. It is improved so as not to be compared with
a known speaker. FIG. 2 shows another embodiment of the present invention, which penetrates
the center of the center ball 7 of the magnetic circuit of the above example and branches off into
the spaces 15 and 16 divided by the partition 14 in the bobbin 1. Holes 17 are provided and air
is supplied from the compressor 19 by a pipe 1B to these to prevent the bobbin 1 from coming
into contact with the magnetic circuit 6, and to perform damping and support the vibrating
element 4, Since the air damping action is performed by the partition 14 in the space 1 and the
space 14.16 in the Hobin is sealed by the magnetic fluid and the air is not escaped, the
compressor has an effect of reducing the size.
In FIG. 3, the diaphragm 2 is provided at the end of the bobbin 1, the other end is supported by
the magnetic circuit 6 and the magnetic fluid 9, and furthermore, the magnetic circuit 20 and the
diaphragm are interposed between the magnetic pole 20 and the magnetic fluid 9. A support 21
is provided to support the bobbin 1 to form a sealed air chamber 22 in the bobbin, and the swing
J-plate etch becomes the lower end 23 and is inserted into the pan 25 containing the fluid 24
Become. FIGS. 5 and 6 also show an embodiment of the present invention, in which the old
diaphragm floats in the air without using the air shown in FIG. 2 and vibrates. In the bobbin, two
partitions 26. 27 are provided and the room formed by the center ball is made small to control
the sway damping, and when the electric signal does not enter the voice coil 3, the bobbin 1
becomes as shown in FIG. Landing in the yoke 8, when an electrical signal enters the voice coil 3,
the flux generated by the voice coil and the flux and noise of the magnetic circuit 6 mutually
attract each other, so the voice coil takes off and the bobbin 1 floats in the air. In this state, the
bobbin vibrates according to the input signal, and a sound is emitted from the diaphragm.
According to the present invention, since the voice coil is supported by the magnetic circuit and
the plurality of cylinders via the plurality of magnetic fluids, the diaphragm is self-sustaining and
the temperature rise due to the voice coil energization, ie, the rise in resistance is suppressed,
and the input resistance is increased. Improved and faithful sound reproduction can be
performed. Further, due to the self-centering effect, the voice coil does not rub against the
magnetic circuit at the time of large amplitude. Furthermore, it is an invention having many
remarkable effects such as suppression of resonance of the speaker. In addition to the abovedescribed embodiment, various modifications such as forming the vibrating element into a ridge
or a cone or the like are all included in the present invention.
Brief description of the drawings
FIG. 1 is a longitudinal sectional view of the first embodiment of the present invention, FIG. 2 is a
sectional view of the second embodiment of the present invention, and FIG. 3 is a longitudinal
sectional view of the third embodiment of the present invention. 5 and 6 are longitudinal
sectional views of the fourth embodiment of the present invention 4 и и и и Vibration element 9 иии
Sealing Fig. L Fig. 5 fifth mortar vb garden
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