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FIELD OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a flat loudspeaker for high fidelity
reproduction. PRIOR ART FIG. 3 shows an example of a loudspeaker having a circular equal
distribution honeycomb diaphragm according to the prior art. In the figure, a plate with a pole
piece 21 ° ring-shaped magnet 22. When an alternating current is applied to the voice coil 25 in
the magnetic field air gap constituted by the top plate 23, the voice coil) v25 performs a piston
motion, and the force of the wrinkle is a skin layer under the equi-distribution honeycomb
structure 28 and L by the coupling 曵 cone 27 The sound is transmitted to a ゞ honeycomb
diaphragm ′ configured to emit a voice. Here, the shape of the voice coil 26 is circular, and the
cross-sectional shape of the coupling cone 27 is also circular. The sound pressure-frequency
characteristic of the speaker at this time is f, as shown in FIG. There is a large characteristic
disturbance and a peak at fH. The cause of this is that if the shape property of the equally
distributed honeycomb structure 28 and driving in a single circle, asymmetry, the driving can not
be made to coincide with the node corresponding to the first resonance flo of the diaphragm.
Large disturbances occur. Further, in the vicinity of the high frequency limit frequency f □, the
amplitude near the center of the diaphragm becomes large, and a large peak occurs in the
characteristics. In FIG. 3, 24 is a basket, 32 is an edge, and 33 is a gasket. Problems to be Solved
by the Invention As described above, in the conventional structure, the disturbance of the flo
characteristics of the flat speaker having the equal distribution honeycomb structure and the
peak of the fH characteristics are generated. Then, an object of this invention is to provide the
flat plate speaker excellent in sound pressure-frequency characteristic. Means of Solving the
Problems In order to solve the problems with the problem of the problem (1) The present
invention (1) partially removes the central part of the equi-distributed honeycomb structure disc
in an elliptical shape in the direction in which the structural strength is uniformized Or) to form a
full or partial notch of an oval shape, and fix a skin layer composed of a light metal layer, a vapor
and a resin film on the upper and lower sides of the crucible. In general, the resonance node
shape of the honeycomb diaphragm having a circular equi-distribution honeycomb structure is
an ellipse, and the cause of the nine peaks is resonance around the center. Therefore, if the nodal
oval shape around the central part of the diaphragm is eliminated with an elliptical shape with a
direction that cancels out the two, the two problems will be solved, but if this portion is
ventilated, the sound pressure drop and other J: because it causes the characteristic failure. Only
the lower skin layer is present to prevent this. Further, even better results can be obtained by
inserting similar oval-shaped cuts, or eyebrow perforations' into the honeycomb structure.
EXAMPLE An example of a speaker configuration according to the present invention is shown in
FIG. The configuration that should be the feature of the present invention is as shown in the
figure. The center part of the disc made of honeycomb structure by light metal foil such as
aluminum, resin film, paper etc. by adhesion etc. is partially removed or cut by oval shape, and
the upper and lower surfaces of the crucible are similar to the structure An evenly distributed
honeycomb diaphragm in which a skin layer made of a material is fixed is used. -For example, in
the case of 2o minor aperture, it was effective to remove an elliptical shape of 7 cnt x 5 t M (65
°). However, even if the oval removal part is filled with a foamed resin of the same shape as the
case requires, there may be a case where a further effect is obtained. FIG. 1 illustrates a speaker
configuration according to the present invention, and FIG. 1 (2L) shows a plan view of a
diaphragm portion of a bag, and FIG. 1 (b) shows a half cross section. In the figure. Plate with
pole piece 1. Coupling coil suspended in the center by the damper e and the edge 12 when an
alternating current is applied to the voice coil arranged in the permanent magnetic circuit gap
configured by the ring magnet 2 and the top plate 3: / 7. The diaphragm structure (composed of
the honeycomb structure 8 and the skin layer 9) directly connected to the hVC is excited to emit
sound. In addition, the basket 4 is a structure which holds a twist etc., and the gasket 13 is a
backing for attachment. At the time of the crucible, an elliptical shape removal portion 1o is
formed only in the vicinity of the center of the honeycomb structure 8, and the upper and lower
sides thereof are covered by the skin layer 9. Thus, by providing the elliptical shape removing
portion 1 o in a part of the 1 equi-distribution honeycomb structure 8, the driving force
generated by the voice coil 6 is transmitted to the coupling cone 7, and the honeycomb structure
diaphragm is further vibrated. In the speaker operation that emits a voice, it occurs near the high
frequency limit of the diaphragm. The anomalous resonance that occurs near the center of the
axisymmetric mode is lost by the elliptical shape removal unit 1o at the central vicinity of the
axisymmetric as the diaphragm, the Q of the anomalous resonance decreases, and the high
frequency limit frequency is reduced. The amplitude is reduced and thus the peaks around 4 of
the frequency response are greatly improved. For this reason, sound pressure-frequency
characteristics having flat characteristics as shown in FIG. 2 can be obtained. According to the
present invention, the speaker sound pressure-frequency characteristic is f. In the industry, it is
extremely effective because the characteristic disorder and peaks to it are almost completely
Brief description of the drawings
Fig. 1 (2L), (b) is a plan view, a half sectional view, a characteristic view of the flat panel
loudspeaker according to the embodiment of the present invention, Fig. 2 is a half sectional view
of the conventional structure, Fig. 4 Is its characteristic diagram.
8 ...... like distribution honeycomb structure, 9 ...... skin layer.
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