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The present invention relates to a sound emitting temporary for a small speaker provided with a
sound emitting plate having low density, high strength and high corrosion resistance. Heretofore,
stainless steel plates or titanium plates have been used as small sound emitting plates for small
speakers, such as small speakers for watches. The sound emission of the high waterproof speaker
for watches and the corrosion resistance are required. The material and characteristics of the
conventional speaker sound emitting plate for a watch are shown in Table 1. As seen in Table 1,
Table 1, 5IIS 304 has both large elastic modulus and strength compared with titanium and is at a
practical level, but its corrosion resistance in seawater is less than that of titanium, that is, it is
waterproof in the sea The sound output plate of the small speaker for the wristwatch does not
satisfy the requirements for both stainless steel and titanium. Therefore, it is necessary to design
the structure with much consideration for the structure or lower the requirement specification.
Had. The present invention has been made to eliminate the above-mentioned drawbacks, and
provides a sound emitting plate for a small speaker having a combination of stainless steel
strength and titanium corrosion resistance. The gist of the present invention is not the method of
improving the corrosion resistance of stainless steel, but the development of a sound emitting
plate for a small speaker obtained by the method of improving the strength of a titanium alloy to
a practical level. Not only titanium alloys, but as an effective means to improve the toughness of
other metallic materials, the amorphization of the alloy by the ultra-quenching method may be
mentioned. Was produced. Hereinafter, the present invention will be described in detail by way
of examples. There are many known methods for producing amorphous alloys, but the most
practical and mass-production method is the so-called single-roll quenching method, and the
zero-piece rolling quenching method has a metal surface with high-speed rotating thermal
conductivity. Molten metal is ejected from a nozzle onto a roll and cooled at high speed to obtain
ribbon-like amorphous. In the present invention, although the sample was produced by this
single roll quenching method, it goes without saying that the present invention can be realized
regardless of the production method, and a sample produced by twin roll quenching method,
centrifugal quenching method, sputtering method, etc. Is also applicable. However, since it is a
titanium alloy, it is necessary to treat it in an inert gas atmosphere during the manufacturing
process, and in any quenching method, it is necessary to take into consideration an apparatus
capable of holding the system in the inert gas. FIG. 1 is a schematic of the apparatus used to
make the amorphous titanium alloy. In order to produce an amorphous alloy containing a highly
reactive metal such as titanium and a high melting point metal such as chromium and niobium
by the quenching method, it is necessary to use the levitation melting method as shown in FIG.
After the inside of the container 1 is replaced with argon gas, a high frequency current is
supplied to the floating heating coil 2 to float and heat the mother alloy 3 into a molten state.
After holding for a certain period of time, the high frequency current is turned off and at the
same time the shank 4 is opened, the molten metal is dropped into the quartz nozzle 5 and
rapidly solidified on the Cu roll surface 6 through its tip to make the ribbon amorphous alloy 7
obtain. As already known, the tensile strengths of pure titanium and titanium-silicon alloys are
42 Kgf7 as "and 120 Kgf / 1111", respectively, and by amorphizing the Ti5s-5its alloy, the
tensile strength is 185 gf / gf. It becomes as. The amorphous alloy of the present invention in
which a part or all of Si in this Ti-3t amorphous alloy is substituted with one or two or more
elements of B, Be and Ge with Φ element is crystalline Ti or Ti̶ The strength is significantly
improved as compared to the Si alloy. In Table 2 [email protected], One or more elements in Table 2 of L
if B + Be + Ge, or one or more elements out of R, Re, Gp and Si in Table 2 It is what compares the
intensity | strength of crystalline Ti and a Ti-Si alloy what contains simultaneously. It is clear
from Table 2 that the amorphous Tt-based alloy of the present invention is superior in strength
to conventional crystalline Ti and Ti-Si alloys. In the claims, the reason why the amount of LΦβ
is in the range of 10% to 50% is that when L is less than 10% or exceeds 50%, the preparation of
the amorphous metal of the alloy system of the present invention It is because amorphization
becomes difficult. Therefore, the range of the α amount of Ti is uniquely 50% to 90%. FIG. 2 is a
cross-sectional view of an electromagnetic speaker for a wristwatch, wherein 11 is a magnet, 12
is a coil, 13 is a magnetic core, 14 is a lead substrate, 15 is a vibration temporary reception, 16 is
a sound output plate, and 17 is a speaker excitation. 18 is a diaphragm, 19 is a sound output
hole, 20 is a sound output tube, and 21 is a resonance space. The sound emitting plate 15 of the
electromagnetic speaker for a watch of FIG. 2 is made of the Ti & L beta amorphous alloy of the
present invention. The small speaker using the small speaker sound emission board of the
present invention has the following effects. ■ In 30 m underwater practical tests, it is superior to
5O3304, pure titanium. (3) It is thought that the sound emission board of various elastic
modulus can be obtained by the alloy addition element, and various speakers with different tone
colors were produced. ■ The strength has been improved, making it possible to make the
speaker thinner. As described above, the small speaker using the sound output plate of the
present invention is very effective in practice.
Brief description of the drawings
FIG. 1 is a schematic cross-sectional view of an inert gas atmosphere rapid quenching apparatus.
FIG. 2 is a view showing an embodiment of a small speaker for a watch. 1 · · · 2 · · floating heating
coil 3 · · · mother alloy 4 · · · shutter 5 · · · quartz nozzle 6 · · roll 7 · · amorphous alloy thin plate
11 · · magnet 12 · coil 13 · · core 16 · · · Sound emission plate 18 · · Diaphragm A 1 · · Argon gas
inlet A 2 · · · Over argon gas outlet
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