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The present invention relates to a speaker diaphragm. Forward-tilt technology-Generally required
performance of the speaker diaphragm is that it is lightweight so that the sound pressure
frequency characteristics of the speaker's sound can be favorably obtained, and the high ? ang
ratio and low density , Having an appropriate acoustical internal loss, and having a high flexural
rigidity. That is, the Young's modulus is high, the density I? is small (, and the resonant
frequency of the diaphragm is high, and the bis 1-one motion area is expanded), the frequency
range of the speaker is broadened, and the internal loss As the size increases, the split resonance
of the moving plate decreases, and the speaker's frequency characteristics become SP and Ill.
Furthermore, when the diaphragm is soft or when a sound with a high frequency is reproduced,
partial vibration occurs in the diaphragm to deteriorate the frequency characteristics of the
speaker, and therefore the flexural rigidity of the diaphragm must be high. Diaphragms that
satisfy these requirements to a certain extent have been widely manufactured as mixed plates of
natural fibers and chemical fibers that have been beaten as monthly grease. However, only the
papermaking of fiber increases internal loss I! There is a limit to Therefore, recently, a moving
plate made of foamed bamboo material as a material of moving plate is sweated. Those
diaphragms are disclosed, for example, in Japanese Patent Application Laid-Open Nos. 7-22119,
47-21754, 51 = 84627, 51-12822, and 57-31718. And the like. The diaphragms disclosed in
these publications are those in which a minute hollow body portion is formed in a base material.
As the foamable material in the diaphragm substrate, foamed resin, particulate thermoplastic
resin foam, micro hollow spheres, micro hollow body, foamable resin and the like are used.
However, such conventional techniques have the following problems. That is, when it is going to
form a micro hollow part by a foamable material in the diaphragm plugging material, these
foamable materials and 11 sheets are mixed, but in this case, although the decrease in density is
obtained, the interfiber bonds As a result, the paper strength is reduced, and a negative effect
such as a decrease in A7 coverage rate becomes more difficult. In addition, since the fibers and
the foamable material are exposed on the surface, high waterproofness and water repellency can
not be obtained. Furthermore, in the case of the method of mixing unfoamed particles or micro
hollow bodies together with fibers, it is difficult to fix the particles and the like to the substrate
mH, so a fixing agent for bonding fibers and particles is necessary, Because of that, the density of
the diaphragm is low enough to be low.
In addition, plastic-based unfoamed particles, natural! ???????? In the method of mixing
and heat-foaming with synthetic IF fibers or a mixture thereof, it is difficult to uniformly produce
the diaphragm thickness without making the foaming ratio of the foaming particles constant.
Furthermore, after such a diaphragm is assembled to a speaker, if it is used in, for example, a
sealed automobile and exposed to high humidity I? when exposed to direct sunlight, its
performance, for example, the film thickness of the diaphragm becomes thick. There is a
drawback of becoming stable. A) J11 (Q The object of the present invention is to provide a
diaphragm for a speaker which can be freely obtained according to the purpose, according to the
purpose, in which the physical property values are improved while suppressing the drop of the
A7 ratio. The diaphragm for a speaker according to the present invention is a paper-made
substrate mainly made of fiber material r1 made of human resources, synthetic fibers, or a
mixture thereof, a paper-making substrate, the sheet forming ratio: resin film formed on M
surface The resin film is characterized by comprising an organic solvent soluble resin and an
inorganic micro hollow body dispersed in the resin. The following will explain one embodiment
of the present invention based on the attached drawings and the following table. First, natural
m.g., for example, NUKP (softwood unbleached kraft pulp) as a raw material is subjected to
beating to adjust the beating degree to 20 to 22 degrees SR. Thereafter, the suspension is
dispersed in a suspension in a paper making tank, for example, made into paper in a cone shape,
and dried under a pressure of 2.0 kO / Cm 2 at a temperature of about 180 ░ C. in a mold of the
same shape and a diaphragm A substrate is obtained. At this time, chemical 11 fibers may be
mixed and mixed to obtain a diaphragm substrate. Next, the treatment liquid with the inorganic
micro hollow body and the resin soluble in the organic solvent is compounded and adjusted as
shown in, for example, Table 1. Table 1 Next, the prepared treatment liquid is applied by, for
example, a spray gun or the like, or by brushing or the like on both surfaces of the diaphragm
substrate. Next, in a drier at a temperature of about 60 ░ C., the solvent on the surface of the
substrate is volatilized by hot air t! dry. The location of the diaphragm substrate to be used may
be on both main surfaces or on one side. Here, in the present embodiment, as the inorganic micro
hollow body, a silica balloon having a density of 0.2 q / cm <3> and a minute full sphere with an
average particle diameter of 75 microns and a low density is used. Such silica balloons have high
rigidity and good adhesion to vinyl chloride resin. Therefore, the vinyl chloride resin, the silica
balloon and the inorganic micro hollow body formed on the surface of the diaphragm substrate
by coating etc. impart rigidity to the surface of the substrate, and the surface of the substrate is
roughened by the coating process. There is no deterioration in appearance such as [and no
increase in the density of the substrate.
In the present example, the imaging plate obtained by coating the treatment solution prepared by
adjusting the composition ratio of the silica balloon to about 10 wt% of the whole treatment
solution obtained the best physical property value. The organic solvent-soluble resin is intended
to adhere the silica balloon to the surface of the substrate and simultaneously impart stiffness
without loosening the m1 double bond of the substrate, and this function is satisfied. In the case
of rubber, not only vinyl chloride resin but also other resin may be used. Moreover, although the
base material which paper-made the natural fiber is used as a diaphragm board base material in
a present Example, you may use the base material by paper-forming of a natural fiber, a synthetic
fiber, or these mixtures. FIG. 1 is a side sectional view C of the speaker diaphragm 1 according to
the present invention, which is obtained as described above, and shows a cone shape. Fig. 2 is an
enlarged cross-sectional view of the surface of the diaphragm of the portion shown by the circle
? in Fig. 1, and the speaker diaphragm 1 forms a diaphragm substrate; It is shown that it
consists of a resin and a resin ((((homogeneous hollow body portion 3). The inorganic micro
hollow body 3 is coated or sprayed with the treatment liquid in such a way that the space
between 1511 M4 on the surface of the diaphragm substrate is closed by the silica balloon 5 and
the resin 6, particularly the silica balloon 4 '. Using 1c 1% enough! It is formed thick. Table 2
shows the physical properties of the speaker diaphragm consisting only of the base material, the
physical properties of the conventional speaker diaphragm consisting of the base material coated
with only the vinyl chloride resin on the base material, and the speaker diaphragm of this
example. The physical properties of From Table 2 Table 2, the diaphragm of this example
effectively obtains internal loss and there is no decrease in Young's modulus. Also, it can be seen
that the density is hardly increased. It is understood that these characteristics are because the
resin solution is embedded to the inside of the surface of the diaphragm substrate and the silica
balloon is retained near the surface of the substrate to form the inorganic micro hollow body
portion. In this embodiment, use of the inorganic micro hollow body by coating is realized. This is
also possible in the case of using other natural fibers and synthetic 111 [, and also in the base
material obtained by selecting the raw materials and the paper-making conditions. Also, in the
above embodiment, the coating or blowing is carried out uniformly on the substrate by means of
the coating (NJ4), but partial deposition is possible. For example, a base of i's in is impregnated
with a polyurethane resin solution or the like and a coating is formed on the surface, and then,
for example, adhering to a portion near the edge of the diaphragm, that is By changing the film
thickness of the surface film of the hollow body, it is also possible to improve the performance of
the diaphragm, such as suppressing the divisional vibration which is 1'j when reproducing the
high frequency region.
Effect of the Invention As described above, according to the present invention, the base material
is IJI & made of natural fiber and 1 g of synthetic IiIf, and the inorganic micro hollow body is
attached to the surface of the base B! By increasing the density, it is possible to minutely increase
the bending rate ?-11 and the internal loss! ,: IM moving plate is obtained. Also, inorganic on
both main surfaces of the substrate? By providing the 'J micro hollow body portion, the speaker
diaphragm having high water repellency f' l and waterproofness (q
Brief description of the drawings
FIG. 1 is a side cross-sectional view of the base material of the speaker diaphragm according to
the present embodiment, and FIG. 2 is a partially enlarged cross-sectional view of a portion
shown by circle A in FIG.
Explanation of Signs of Main Parts 1 ..... Diaphragm for Speakers 2 ..... ... Valves # a Fiber 3 .....
Inorganic Micro Hollow Body 4 ..... Fiber 5 ииииии Silica balloon 6 ииииии Resin
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