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The present invention relates to a bonded structure of a thin plate-like product such as a
diaphragm of a piezoelectric buzzer. [Prior Art] In a piezoelectric watch of a waterproof watch,
for example, as shown in FIG. 9, the diaphragm 14 is fixed by an adhesive to a horn portion 15
integrally formed with a watch frame. This adhesive is used as shown in FIG. 10 or FIG.
[Problems to be Solved by the Invention] When an adhesive is attached as shown in FIG. 10 and
FIG. 11, a part of it adheres to the inner peripheral side of the diaphragm 14 and adheres, and
the vibration of the diaphragm 14 is vibrated. It affects the mode and affects the sound pressure,
and the sealing performance may be lost. In addition, when water pressure is applied from the
side of the sound emission port 16, the diaphragm 14 may be bent, and the piezoelectric element
17 may be damaged or adhesion of the diaphragm 14 may be peeled off. The present invention
is to prevent the adhesive from sticking out and to strengthen the fixing strength. [Means for
Solving the Problems] In the present invention, the rising end for supporting the thin plate and
the adhesive reservoir are formed at the fixed end of the fixing member, and the abovementioned adhesive is used for the pressing end of the pressing member. An adhesive extrusion
portion inserted into the reservoir portion and a pressing portion for pressing the thin plate-like
member are formed, and the thin plate-like object is held between the rising portion and the
arranging portion and the adhesive is prevented from spreading. The [Embodiments] In FIGS. 1
and 2, reference numeral 1 denotes a horn portion constituting a fixing member, which is formed
integrally with a watch frame 2 in a waterproof watch, for example. In the inner peripheral
portion of the fixed end of the horn portion 1, a standing portion 3 for supporting the diaphragm
is formed, and a projection 4 for suppressing horizontal movement of the diaphragm is formed.
Further, an adhesive reservoir 5 in the form of a U-shaped groove is formed on the outside of the
protrusion 4. 6 is a sound outlet. In FIGS. 3 and 4, 7 is a pressing member which is placed on the
horn 1 of FIG. 2 with the diaphragm interposed therebetween. At the pressing end of the
pressing member 7, the pressing portion 8 is formed at a position facing the rising portion 3 of
FIG. 2 and the adhesive extrusion portion 9 inserted into the adhesive reservoir 5 of FIG. It is
formed. 10 is an air vent hole. The diaphragm is fixed by the above-mentioned horn portion and
the pressing member as follows. First, as shown in FIG. 5, the adhesive 11 is injected into the
adhesive reservoir 5 of the horn. Then, the diaphragm 13 to which the piezoelectric element 12
is attached is placed on the rising portion 3. Next, as shown in FIG. 6, the pressing member 7 is
put on the horn portion 1. At this time, the adhesive extruding portion 9 is inserted into the
adhesive reservoir 5, and the adhesive is extruded toward the diaphragm 13.
Then, when the pressing portion 8 of the pressing member 7 abuts on the diaphragm 13 as
shown in FIG. 7, the diaphragm 13 is clamped by this and the standing portion 3 of the horn
portion 1. As a result, the adhesive is firmly fixed by adhesion without sticking out. FIG. 8 shows
a state in which bonding is completed. In this way, the diaphragm 13 is fixed by the fixed end of
the horn portion and the pressing member, so that the sealing property is good, and the
deflection of the diaphragm 13 is restricted by the pressing member 7 even when water pressure
is applied from the sound output port 6 side. Therefore, even if high pressure is applied, it is
possible to prevent breakage or peeling of adhesion. The hole 10 of the pressing member 7 is
formed to eliminate air resistance when the diaphragm vibrates. According to the present
invention, according to the present invention, the adhesive inserted in the adhesive reservoir is
pushed out by the adhesive extrusion formed on the pressing member, and the rising portion
provided on the fixing member and the pressing portion provided on the pressing member As a
result, the diaphragm is held to prevent the adhesive from leaking, so that the assemblability is
improved and a stable vibration mode can be obtained. In addition, the sealing performance is
improved, and when used for waterproof products, it is particularly effective.
Brief description of the drawings
1 is a front view showing one embodiment of the fixing member, FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view
taken along the line 1-- FIG. 3 is a front view showing one embodiment of the pressing member,
and FIG. 3 and 4 are partial enlarged sectional views showing the assembling process, FIG. 8 is a
sectional view showing a state after assembly, and FIG. Sectional drawing which showed an
example of the piezoelectric buzzer, and FIG.10 and FIG.11 are the expanded sectional views
which showed the example of the adhesion part of FIG. 9 respectively.
Reference Signs List 1 fixed member 3 rising portion 5 adhesive storage portion 7 pressing
member 8 pressing portion 9 adhesive extrusion portion 12 piezoelectric element 13 Above the
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