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The invention relates to a method of manufacturing a multilayer diaphragm used as a
loudspeaker diaphragm. (Conventional technology) A speaker I & VJ board has been made
smaller and smaller. "To increase C sound velocity and maintain 1-minute rigidity, it is made of
carbon black [-L boxyxi-1]. (1) Multilayers formed by stacking and fixing on a diaphragm of a
vibrating plate which is formed into a predetermined shape by l'i 'cleaning of fibers such as
valves and ceramic fibers etc. A diaphragm of construction is known. (Problems to be solved)
However, the diaphragm of the above-described multilayer structure is in the form of a prepreg
reinforced with carbon cloth] -Bonito sheet (hereinafter referred to as 1-preg in the form of
prepreg 1 Let's say that the prepreg with brackets 41 after foxy -1- is f 'added! J3 heat-formed in
advance into a shape corresponding to the shape of JI + Fi, J3 and the diaphragm consisting of
this 1 boxy -1 иии valve, a valve such as a Hylamic ? phase, etc. A method was used in which a
sheet was laminated and fixed using a thermoplastic film, or LL, or an adhesive. In this method,
the adhesive force is not uniform and sufficient contact force is 151, mechanical strength I had
the problem that 1a was also weak. Therefore, according to the present invention, a
thermoplastic film is attached 1 to a swing J temporary 1 obtained by forming 4 Ml 1 l into a
predetermined shape, and the eboxy 1 to 1 (prepreg) reinforced with carbon 1 Furthermore, it
has strong adhesive strength and strong mechanical strength by compression molding to a shape
corresponding to the diaphragm while heating V1 sheet and this epoxy resin 1 (prepreg), and
?when the speed of sound is 1 q The purpose is to provide a manufacturing method of a
multilayer diaphragm in which a multilayer diaphragm fl J temporary is superior to Jt. The
present invention provides a method of manufacturing a multilayer diaphragm as shown in the
drawings in order to solve the above-mentioned problems. In the method shown in the figure, the
thermal O plastic film 1 is attached to the vibration IN 21 obtained by forming the JJA sheet into
a predetermined shape, and the thermoplastic diaphragm 11- After placing a carbon cloth-
reinforced {circle over (1)} {circle over (1)} {circle over (1)} {circle over (1)} (prepreg) 3 while
compression heating this Y-layer sheet (prepreg) 3 into a shape corresponding to the shape of
diaphragm 2 1. -Q (Examples) Figures (?) to (C) (A diagram illustrating a method of
manufacturing a multi-layer diaphragm according to the present invention.
When manufacturing a multi-layered diaphragm, as shown in Fig. (A), the thermoplastic film 1 is
formed on a sheet of paper sheet 20P in which fibers such as pulp and ceramic fiber set are
made into paper and IC and the like are formed into a predetermined shape. Next, as shown in
Fig. (B), an epoxy sheet (prepreg) 3 reinforced with a carbon cloth is necked with a thermoplastic
resin film 1 and compressed while heating using a forming apparatus 4 as shown in Fig. (B) Form
The forming apparatus 1 includes a heating element such as a heater inside as shown in FIG. (B)
(see J, and is made of soil FI 24 F 3 and lower 'vl / Ib in a shape corresponding to the shape of
the diaphragm 2 / L'rJ] When molded, it is built in the upper mold 4a and the upper mold 4b and
is configured to have a heating element t, L that generates heat J: 1 The thermoplastic film 1 and
the diaphragm 2 are compression-molded because they are not heated, and then cold 7J1 as
shown in Fig. (C) 1'J, an epoxy sheet (prepreg) 3, a thermoplastic film 1, A multilayer diaphragm
5 in which the diaphragms 2 are laminated and fixed is formed. The multi-layered diaphragm 5t
thus formed is melted with the diaphragm made of the 1 peristaltic plate 2 and the epoxy sheet 3
and the thermoplastic film 1 is melted, and the vibration made of the 1?4 square sheet 3 due to
the cold W of the compression forming attack. Since the plate and the diaphragm 2 are firmly
fixed together by firmly bonding them together, the 184 strength of the multi-layer 1 swinging
movement produced by using the conventional manufacturing method 1J method is 2 to 31 and
11 strength, Also, the bridge mechanical strength of the multilayer diaphragm 5 is changed; In
addition, the thermoplastic film 1 connected to the negative 1 is modified by the adhesive
strength between the diaphragm 1 and the iridescent provisional made of evo: 1 shishi-1 и 3 and
the 'C reinforcement, the vibration 1l IJJ 2 Form a film on top of it to soften it and prevent it from
penetrating to the diaphragm 2 because it is 1-1 L 'U. The decrease in the number of one-n-one
resin is prevented, and the surface gloss of the multilayer diaphragm 5 is not reduced. (Effect of
the invention! 2) Since the present invention has the length of 1 / J method 'C described above,
strong tangent 6 strength and strong mechanical strength are 1! 7 and J: =) 1 minute fast 1! (1)
You will be immersed in a joint stock company, and the epoxy resin will not penetrate the
diaphragm and you will have the advantage of not having the surface gloss of one member.
Brief description of the drawings
Figures (A) to (C) are diagrams for explaining the manufacturing method 1J of the multilayer
diaphragm according to the present invention.
DESCRIPTION OF SYMBOLS 1: .. Thermoplastic film, 2 ... diaphragm, 3 ... epoxy sheet (prepreg) 4
... molding vi placement 4a. и и Multilayer diaphragm. Procedure Amendment (Method) 1. Display
1 of 1 1 Showa 60 'IT Special Application No. 272,767, 32 Multilayer diaphragm manufacturing
method 3, Relationship with person making correction Patent applicant's address Kanagawa
Prefecture Yokohama City Jinna Ward Mamoru 1 Macho 3-chome 12 address 4, date of
correction instruction 11111161 February 258 <R, sending El) 5, target drawing of correction
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