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BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION 1. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to a
thin flat speaker, and more particularly to a thin flat speaker in which a voice coil is disposed on
a vibrating body such as a diaphragm or diaphragm. [Prior Art] A conventional speaker is called a
so-called "gum-thin type speaker", and as described in Japanese Patent Publication No. 3510420, a voice coil is attached to a diaphragm of a thin film, and the voice coil is The diaphragm
is driven by being placed in a magnetic circuit corresponding to the shape of the voice coil.
However, no consideration has been given to the collision of the diaphragm and the magnetic
circuit, the flicker of the diaphragm itself, and the variation of the low frequency characteristics
due to the variation of the tension of the diaphragm. [Problems to be Solved by the Invention] In
the above-mentioned prior art, since the movable range of the vibrating body is usually very
narrow due to structural restrictions, the vibrating body easily collides with the magnetic circuit
at large input. There was a problem of generating a violent collision sound. In addition, since the
vibrating body is usually formed by a very thin 1 vect, abnormal vibration noise (so-called
"picking noise") of the vibrating tar body is easily generated, and a thin + V-shaped vibrating
body is tensioned accurately with desired tension. There is also a problem that the variation in
the low frequency characteristics is large because it is difficult. An object of the present invention
is to provide a thin flat loudspeaker which ameliorates the above problems. [Means for Solving
the Problems] The above object is to provide an intermediate support made of a soft material
such as glass wool or polyurethane foam between the vibrator and the magnetic circuit, and to
select the material, shape, arrangement, etc. of the intermediate support. This is achieved by
adjusting the However, the intermediate support is provided on both the front and back sides of
the vibrator so as to abut the vibrator and the magnetic circuit. [Operation] Since the abovementioned intermediate support acts like a cushion between the vibrating body and the magnetic
circuit, it restricts the movement of the vibrating body at the time of large input and prevents
collision with the magnetic circuit, and also in the case of collision. Also has the effect of making
the collision sound softer. In addition, it is possible to absorb the abnormal vibration generated
by the vibrating body itself and to suppress the generation of abnormal sound such as a piling
noise. Moreover, since the vibrator is appropriately tensioned, desired low-pass characteristics
can be easily obtained. An embodiment of the present invention will be described below with
reference to FIGS. 1 and 2. FIG. In the figure, a vibrating body 1 is made of, for example, a filmlike or plate-like resin film, and a voice coil 2 is formed on one side or both sides thereof. The
columnar magnets 3 are attached to yoke plates 4 forming a magnetic circuit at substantially
equal intervals and alternately with opposite polarities, and in the yoke plates 4 between the
respective magnets, sound wave radiation holes 5 are formed.
The frame 6 clamps the upper and lower peripheral portions of the vibrator 1. Then, the
periphery of the yoke plate 4 is attached to the frame 6 so that the magnets 3 face each other
with the same polarity. Between the vibrator 1 and the magnet 3, an intermediate support 7
made of a soft material such as glass wool or foamed polyurethane is provided. The intermediate
support members 7 are provided on both the front and back sides of the vibrator 1 so as to abut
on the vibrator 1 and the magnet 3. Next, the operation will be described. When a large
amplitude input is applied, the vibrator 1 starts moving toward the magnetic circuit, but is
interrupted by the intermediate support 7 and does not easily collide with the magnetic circuit. In
addition, even when the diaphragm 1 collides with the magnet 3 due to the large input exceeding
the limit, the intermediate support 7 absorbs the vibration, so that the generation of a jerky
collision noise can be suppressed. Further, since the intermediate support 7 is always in contact
with the vibrating body 1, it has an effect of absorbing abnormal vibration such as split
resonance of the vibrating body 1 itself and suppressing generation of abnormal sound such as
flicker. Further, the intermediate support 7 works to push the vibrating body 1 from the front
and back to apply tension, but by appropriately adjusting the material, shape, arrangement, etc.
of the intermediate support 7, desired tension is given to the diaphragm 1 , Can control the bass
characteristics. Effect of the Invention According to the present invention, the vibrator can be
made less likely to collide with the magnetic circuit simply by arranging the intermediate support
made of an inexpensive material such as glass wool or polyurethane foam in the main part, and
even when the collision occurs. The impact sound is softened, the abnormal vibration generated
by the vibrator itself is absorbed to suppress the pickling sound, and the diaphragm is given an
appropriate tension to obtain desired bass characteristics.
Brief description of the drawings
FIG. 1 is a sectional view of an essential part of an embodiment of the present invention, and FIG.
2 is a perspective view of the same.
DESCRIPTION OF SYMBOLS 1 ... Vibrator, 2 ... Voice coil, 3 ... Magnet, 4 ... Yoke plate, 5 ... Sound
wave radiation hole, 6 ... Frame, 7 ... Intermediate support.
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