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TECHNICAL FIELD The present invention relates to a speaker used for various audio devices. The
prior art speaker of this type in the prior art does not have the function of being able to freely
change its own output sound pressure level in the single speaker unit as the speaker system, and
when configured as a system, it is By varying the resistance of the attenuator connected in series
with the voice coil of the speaker, the current flowing through the circuit including the speaker
can be varied to vary the output sound pressure level of the speaker. Problems to be solved by
the invention In such a conventional configuration, when configured as a multi-way speaker
system, the two-way system uses tweeters, and the three-way system uses speakers and tweeters
for variable sound pressure levels. Attenuator must be connected, and as a problem when
connecting an attenuator that is this resistance component to the speaker unit, a passive element
called resistance is added between the output system of the power amplifier and the voice coil of
the speaker. Significant degradation of the fidelity of the regenerating system, such as a decrease
in dynamic range, an increase in distortion, a decrease in damping factor, and a thermal loss of
energy due to the resistance of the attenuator, and It had a problem with it. In order to solve this
problem, in order to solve this problem, the present invention magnetizes the main magnet and
the magnetizing direction opposite to the back surface of the lower plate of a normal magnetic
circuit in which the main magnet is sandwiched from above and below by the plate. The leakage
flux canceling magnet is mounted as a configuration that can freely change the distance from the
back surface of the lower plate. Operation With this configuration, the output sound pressure
level can be varied according to the amount of sliding of the cancel magnet from the back of the
lower plate, that is, the distance, without adding an extra passive element between the output
terminal of the power amplifier and the voice coil of the speaker. Therefore, the fidelity and
sound quality of the reproduction system can be significantly improved. Embodiment 1 FIG. 1
shows an embodiment of the present invention, in which a general external speaker, that is, a
main magnet 1 is sandwiched between an upper plate 2 and a lower plate 3 having a center pole.
The frame 4 is bonded to the top plate of the field section, and the voice coil 7 fitted in the
magnetic gap 6 formed of the upper and lower plates of the field section is held by the damper 8
on the diaphragm 6 bonded to the frame peripheral portion A screw is inserted in the part of the
lower center of the lower plate back of the external magnet type speaker, which is connected to
form a center, and a pole 9 for holding the cancellation magnet is provided. A ring 11 for
bonding with a pole is adhered and configured, and this cancel magnet 10 and the ring The
standing product is obtained by a structure which holds the pole connected to the lower plate
Here, due to the screwing of the pole and ring screw, if the cancel magnet 10 is rotated, it can
slide along the held pole 9 and the distance from the lower plate can be freely varied. The main
magnetic flux of the magnetic gap can be varied, and the output sound pressure level can be
freely varied. Effects of the Invention As described above, according to the present invention, the
output sound pressure level is changed by changing the main magnetic flux by the cancel magnet
without using the passive element of variable resistance, so the speaker from the output terminal
of the power amplifier Since it is not necessary to connect unnecessary passive elements to the
voice coil, various characteristics such as expansion of dynamic range, reduction of distortion
factor, improvement of damping factor can be improved, and resistance It is possible to provide a
suitable speaker for the digital audio age of today, which can eliminate the thermal loss of energy
due to noise, significantly improve the fidelity of the reproduction system, and significantly
improve the sound quality. As a technical effect, since the leakage magnet is reduced by the
cancel magnet, the image Also to the field, are possible deployed as AV corresponding speaker,
its industrial value is intended to become very large.
Brief description of the drawings
The figure shows a cross-sectional view of the structure of a loudspeaker according to an
embodiment of the present invention.
1 и и и Main magnet, 2 и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и diaphragm ...
magnetic gap, 7 ...... voice coil, 8 ...... damper, the pole for 9 ...... retention, 10 ..... cancel magnet,
11 ... иииring.
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