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The Holocaust - Separating Fact From Fiction

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The Holocaust - Separating Fact From Fiction
"After the Holocaust, we can do anything we want." —
Golda Meir, Israeli Prime Minister
By Big D.W., Tim Entes and Phil Yosatanae, 2009 Illustrations by an Anonymous Culture Warrior
From Germar Rudolf, Lectures on the Holocaust (2005), available online:
It is important to realize what significance the Holocaust has assumed in
western societies. The Holocaust is dealt with by countless:
– museums
– monuments
– commemoration days
– orations
– books
– periodicals
– newspaper reports
– speeches and conferences
– university chairs
– documentary and entertainment films
– criminal law, criminal proceedings, censorship …
And the above list is certainly incomplete. So, if I claim that the Holocaust is
the most important of all historical topics, I am not saying that because it suits
me personally or because I consider this importance to be appropriate. A
factual analysis of the western value system enables us to conclude that the
Holocaust is something like an absolute zero point of our moral value system,
the ultimate evil. No doubt this is what former director of the U.S. Holocaust
Memorial Museum in Washington, Michael Berenbaum, had in mind when in
2000 he said:
“As I observe young people in relativistic societies seeking an absolute for
morals and values, they now can view the Holocaust as the transcendental
move away from the relativistic, and up into the absolute where the Holocaust
confronts absolute Evil [=Nazism] and thus find fundamental values.” ….
Naturally this characterization of the Holocaust [as “absolute evil”] confers
upon the topic a theological dimension. Although the concept “evil” can be
viewed from a non-theological perspective, for example through moral
philosophy or evolutionary ethics, to define absolute evil is absolutist,
fundamentalist, dogmatic and as such places the topic beyond scientific
analysis. Other aspects of the Holocaust indicate that the way the western
world deals with it has now reached a religious dimension. A re-reading of the
above list attests to that. For some time now the historic places and museums
of the Holocaust have become places of pilgrimage where relics of all sorts are
on display (hair, spectacles, suitcases, shoes, gastight doors, etc.). Don’t the
passionate orations on remembrance days remind you of a religious repentance
service? Are there not everywhere the high priests who with raised index finger
admonish us how to behave in matters Holocaust and all that is connected with
it? They advise us how to treat the perpetrators, the victims, their descendants,
their countries, their customs, their demands, etc. They also advise us on how
we are to think, to feel, to act, to remember, to live if we wish to be known as
good human beings. (p. 9-10)
This scene of Israeli brutality is repeated just about every day against
Palestinians, but you won’t hear about it in the Jewish-owned media. Then at
regular intervals this brutality becomes a veritable mass slaughter, as in the
1982 bombing of Lebanon, killing 20,000 civilians, and the Gaza massacre in
Feb. 2009, when 1400 civilians, including over 400 children, were intentionally
killed. To help justify such continual crimes against humanity, Jewish suffering
during World War II is transformed into something Way, Way Bigger than it ever
was, giving Zionist Jews and their gullible Fellow Travelers and Useful Idiots,
especially misguided Fundamentalist Christians,
a pretext to murder and
oppress Palestinians and anyone else who is perceived as an obstacle to their
goal of controlling the entire Middle East and in fact the Whole World.… And the
Jewish-controlled U.S. provides them with over $8 MILLION A DAY in order to
help them do this! *
Zionist Jews love the support, especially financial, that Zionist Christians help provide, but they despise
Christians nonetheless, just as they despise, even hate Jesus Christ. The Jewish Talmud, their
authoritative book of Rabbinical teaching describes Christ, the Bastard (Kallah 51A) as the offspring
of a Jewish whore and a Roman soldier (Sanhedrin 106A) who is now in hell in boiling excrement
(Gittin 57A). Jewish Victimhood during World War II, called the “Holocaust”, has taken on
monstrous proportions in order to help defend and permit the monstrous
behavior of Zionist Jews. The reality of Jewish suffering has been exploited
beyond all reasonable measure and is mixed with countless lies in order to
facilitate a diabolically-inspired and apocalyptic totalitarian agenda
orchestrated by powerful Jewish elites seeking world domination. For this evil
purpose Jewish suffering has been made to trump and displace all other
suffering and has become … THE HOLOHOAX
Even the Russian and Polish governments now admit that the chimneys at
Auschwitz were built after the war
, in 1947
. Everything had to be put in place in
order to convince the right people —
that is, the most powerful and influential
people —
among the victorious Allies that the establishment of the rogue,
criminal, and genocidal state of Israel was not only profitable for them, by
means of present and future bribes and kickbacks, but also feasible,
considering the disproportionate opposition to such establishment among both
politicians and other social elites, and the general population as well. See
I believe in one Holocaust®, with Power almighty, creator of all correct
attitudes in heaven and on earth, conceived in Hollywood and born of the New
York media, source of Jewish immunity and exemption from all criminal
responsibility and criticism; I believe in Six Million Jews who suffered under
Adolf Hitler and were gassed, made into soap and lampshades and cremated,
and never buried. At the end of the 20th century they arose again, to haunt the
living and the dead. I believe in the State of Israel, the Holocaust's miraculously
conceived Son, the Lord and Dictator of all U.S. Foreign policy; I believe in the
Spirit of Zionism, our Universal Master and Enforcer of Discourse, Who speaks
through the Jewish-owned and controlled Media, Academia, Art and
Entertainment World, and through its other Jewish prophets, our Masters, and
also through their Gentile fellow-travelers; the Spirit begotten by Satan and
itself begetting both the Power and the Son and nourished and strengthened by
them in mutual Trinitarian dialectic, ever-growing while feeding on the clueless
Gentile world. I believe in Elie Wiesel and the geysers of blood, and Arnold
Friedman and the color-coded crematory smoke. I believe in the holy Shoah Biz
Church, the Communist Saints, no forgiveness of German sins or those of
Holocaust revisionists and Zionist critics, the resurrection of lies, and the shelf-
life everlasting of the Auschwitz gas chamber stories. Amen.
Based on Michael Hoffman's shorter “Creed of the Church of the Shoa”. Hoffman also
comments: “You can deny the Virgin Birth…. You can claim Blessed Mary was a harlot.
You can deny the Resurrection. You can deny the Israeli holocaust against Palestinians
and the Allied holocaust against Dresden. All of those are mere ‘opinions’ of men. The
only divine truth is execution gas chambers in Auschwitz. This is what the ‘Shoah’
theology has created: the de-sacrilization of Christianity and state-enforced belief in
Holocaustianity. The ‘Shoah’ theology represents the gradual erosion of the claims of
the New Testament and the increasing supremacy of Orthodox Judaism's
weltanschauung [worldview].” (
Jews are taught that it is their God-given right (even if they don’t believe in God,
as is the case with most of them) to despoil others, since they are the “Chosen
People” … Chosen by whom
is another mystery….
Here we see Jews “getting what they deserve” from their Gentile (non-Jewish)
neighbors. Just as they despoiled the Egyptians when God freed them from the
oppression of Pharaoh, most Jews are taught that they have a right to swindle
and steal from non-Jews, since they are “chosen”, and the Talmud says so.
The words "goi" and "akum" are derogatory terms for Christians or Gentiles.
In Babha Kama (113b) it says: "It is permitted to deceive a Goi."
In Chaschen Hamm (182, 7 Hagah) it says: "If a Jew is doing business with an Akum and a fellow
Israelite comes along and defrauds the Akum, either by false measure, weight or number, he must
divide his profit with his fellow Israelite, since both had a part in the deal…."
In Mishna Sanhedryn 57 it says: "Thou shalt not do injury to your neighbour, but it is not said, 'Thou
shalt not do injury to a goy.'"
In Schultchan Aruch, Choszen Hamiszpat 348 it says: "All property of other nations belongs to the
Jewish nation, which consequently is entitled to seize upon it without any scruples. An orthodox
Jew is not bound to observe principles of morality towards people of other tribes. He may act
contrary to morality, if profitable to himself or to Jews in general."
"You cannot have peace with people who do not internalise the concept of 'love
thy neighbour'. This is almost a paradox, because if they [the Jews] love their
neighbour, they cease to be who they are. ...What is the difference between
Jews and Christians theoretically? Christians are basically Jews who love their
neighbour, so they are committed to the universal concept of humanity,
whereas Judaism is tribalism." (Gilad Atzmon, former Jew)
Because Gentiles are not human, Gentiles are owed no debt of morality or
not honesty [Baba Kamma 113a], not property [Baba Mezia 24a], not
even life! — "The best of the Gentiles should all be killed" Soferim 15, 10 Other related quotes from the Talmud: "The seed of the goyim (Gentiles) is like an animal." Sanhedrin 74b
"All Gentile children are animals." Yebamoth 98a
See also The Talmud Unmasked and The Secret Rabbinical Teachings Concerning Christians
, both
by Rev. I. B. Pranaitis (available online).
From a declassified Joint Chiefs of Staff paper, March, 1948, on "Force
Requirements for Palestine", anticipating the termination of the British
"Zionist strategy will seek to involve [the United States] in a continuously
widening and deepening series of operations intended to secure maximum
Jewish objectives....initial Jewish sovereignty over a portion of
Palestine...acceptance by the great powers of the right to unlimited
immigration...the extension of Jewish sovereignty over all of Palestine...the
expansion of "Eretz Israel" into Transjordan and into portions of Lebanon and
Syria, and....the establishment of Jewish military and economic hegemony over
the entire Middle East....
"...All stages of the program are equally sacred to the fanatical concepts of the
Jewish leaders. The program is openly admitted by same leaders, and has been
privately admitted to United States officials by responsible leaders of the
presently dominant Jewish group
the Jewish Agency."
"We must expel Arabs and take their places." -- David Ben Gurion, Israel’s first
Prime Minister, 1937, Ben Gurion and the Palestine Arabs
, Oxford University
Press, 1985.
"Let us not ignore the truth among ourselves ... politically we are the
aggressors and they defend themselves... The country is theirs, because they
inhabit it, whereas we want to come here and settle down, and in their view we
want to take away from them their country." -- David Ben Gurion, quoted on pp
91-92 of Noam Chomsky's Fateful Triangle
, which appears in Simha Flapan's
"Zionism and the Palestinians,” pp 141-42 citing a 1938 speech.
"If I knew that it was possible to save all the children of Germany by
transporting them to England, and only half by transferring them to the Land of
Israel, I would choose the latter, for before us lies not only the numbers of these
children but the historical reckoning of the people of Israel." -- David Ben-
Gurion (Quoted on pp 855-56 in Shabtai Teveth's Ben-Gurion in a slightly
different translation).
"After the Holocaust, we can do anything we want." -- Golda Meir, Israeli Prime
"I want to tell you something very clear, don't worry about American pressure
on Israel -- we, the Jewish people control America, and the Americans know it."
– Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, announced in an Israeli Cabinet session,
October 3, 2001, reported on Kol Yisrael radio.
“Hatred is a Jewish virtue.” -- Rabbi Solveichik, interviewed in “First Things”, a
Jewish-subsidized, Zionist, pro-"War on Terror" (i.e. pro-USrael Empire)
nominally "Catholic" magazine.
Another holocaust you won't hear about is the horrible
massacre of 90,000 Christians delivered
and sold to the Jews for slaughter by the Persian King Cyrus after he retook Jerusalem from
the Byzantines in 615 A.D. Yes - Jews purchased 90,000 Christians from the Persians, not to
be used as slaves, but only in order to have the diabolical pleasure of torturing and
murdering them! This hatred and murder of Christians continues today, only through proxies such
as Muslim and Hindu extremists, and above all the US government and military, the Jewish elites'
ever-compliant —
because bribed and blackmailed —
and powerful weapon of choice since World
War I especially. The Jews are long experts at the practice of "divide and conquer," and getting
others to do their dirty work. But when they are forced to do it themselves, as in committing mass
murder against Israel's neighbors, they use the media to distract the public away from themselves,
as in the frequently recurring case of attacking the Catholic Church for sex scandals that the Jews
themselves orchestrate, or setting up a "terrorist attack" as in 9-11 or the June 2009 shooting of a
police officer at the Holocaust Museum in Washington. The supposed "anti-semitic" and "lone nut"
James von Brunn slipped in through high security, not with a handgun but with a rifle
to kill the
officer —
a good example of Jewish racial "divide and conquer" strategy (see Jones, op. cit.
below and, passim
) —
at a time when Israel needs to regain world and especially
US public support (largely diminished after its Feb. 2009 slaughter in Gaza) as it prepares to launch
an attack on Iran, which it continually vilifies in the media with many lies. As they say, "In the dirty
world of politics, nothing happens by chance."
Mt 10.16
“Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves; so be cunning as
serpents and innocent as doves. 17 Beware of men; for they will deliver you over to
courts, and scourge you in their synagogues, 18 and you will be dragged before
governors and kings for my sake, to bear testimony before them and the pagans....22 and
you will be hated by all for my name's sake. But he who endures to the end will be
saved…. 28
And do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul; rather fear
him who can destroy both soul and body in hell.”
Jn 15.
20 “
If they [the Jews] persecuted me, they will persecute you; if they kept my
word, they will keep yours also. 21 But all this they will do to you on my account,
because they do not know him who sent me. 22 If I had not come and spoken to them,
they would not have sin; but now they have no excuse for their sin. 23 He who hates me
hates my Father also. 24 If I had not done among them the works which no one else did,
they would not have sin; but now they have seen and hated both me and my Father. 25 It
is to fulfill the word that is written in their law, 'They hated me without a cause.' ”
So the Question is… Do You Want to be a “DUM” Sheep Like These Three Brainwashed
Fools and Just Accept the Lies Being Told You by the Jewish “Masters Of Discourse”
and Dictators of Political Correctness, Who Control the Media, Hollywood, and
Education, as well as the Publishing, Advertising, and Art World, and are Supported by
their Prostitute Gentile “Amen” Corner? Or is the Truth More Important to You?
Remember… Only Live Fish Can Swim Against the Current. It’s a Lot Harder than Going
with the Flow, but Those Who Do Grow Stronger. Dead and Dying Fish Can Only Be
Carried Down…. The "Holocaust" is ultimately about the rogue, criminal, and genocidal state of
Israel and about silencing all opposition to its crimes against humanity, while it
is aided and abetted by the US and its allies in crime like Britain, and about
silencing all opposition to the continuous and growing Jewish hegemony over
more and more of the world.
Appendix: Various Facts and Statements on The "Holocaust" and Historical Revisionism
The Revisionist case is broadly as follows:
· There exists no documentary evidence whatsoever that there ever was a decision on the part of
Hitler or the National Socialist state to physically murder all the Jews of Europe. There is, however,
an abundance of evidence for the decision to persecute, disempower and expel all Jews from
· There is no physical evidence whatsoever for the existence of homicidal gas chambers at
Auschwitz or indeed anywhere else. There is, however, abundant evidence for the widespread use
of hydrogen cyanide (Zyklon B) gas and gas chambers for delousing and disinfection against
typhus. No one has yet been able to produce, draw or describe a homicidal gas chamber or
produce a photograph or plan of one, because no one has ever seen a homicidal gas chamber. · No one has ever seen a homicidal gas chamber because they did not exist. The gas chambers
shown to thousands of visitors to Auschwitz are, by the admission of the museum authorities, post-
war reconstructions. Common images of gas chambers from other locations are either
disinfestation chambers or more commonly morgues, air-raid shelters (often gas-tight) or
crematoria. Common images of the gassing of Jews – deportees boarding and disembarking from
trains, mountains of eyeglasses and shoes, piles of corpses, crematoria chimneys are just that –
people and trains, eyeglasses and shoes, corpses, smoking chimneys, no more, no less — they do
not constitute evidence of mass gassing. · Not only is there no physical evidence for the existence of homicidal gas chambers, there is
substantial physical, architectural, topographical, geographical and forensic evidence against their
existence. The critical evidence is in three reports all resulting from investigations at the site itself at
Auschwitz. The first and most famous of these was the Leuchter report commissioned by Ernst
Zündel in 1988. Fred Leuchter, an expert on executions by gas in the U.S. visited Auschwitz and
conducted a forensic examination, which was presented in court as proving conclusively that there
were no homicidal gas chambers at Auschwitz. Leuchter’s findings and conclusions were refined
and confirmed by a forensic study carried out by German chemist Germar Rudolf and by a forensic
examination and report commissioned by the Auschwitz State museum and conducted by Institute
of Forensic Research in Krakow.
· The gassing and cremation of the numbers claimed, in the time claimed and with the facilities
claimed, is simply not possible. Some of the evidence for this conclusion comes from studies of
individual gas executions performed in the United States, any study of which will show how hard it
is to kill one person safely and efficiently, let alone the hundreds claimed.
· The numbers of Jews killed by the Nazis, usually held to be around six million, is grossly
exaggerated. This is largely because of greatly inflated pre-war Jewish population figures and
underestimated Jewish survival and emigration figures. · The context of much of the evidence for the Holocaust narrative was the Nuremberg Trials – an
extraordinary and unprecedented set of trials of the vanquished by the victors with little attempt to
find or to tell the truth. Without the evidence generated by these proceedings, there would be no
significant evidence that the extermination of Jews took place at all. The legitimacy of the court
itself was questionable, its procedures were a disgrace with defendants denied basic procedural
rights and with much of the evidence presented in the form of survivor testimony taken at face
value or confessions beaten and tortured out of the hapless defendants. As a matter of record, the
key confession of Auschwitz Commandant, Rudolf Hoess, was obtained through torture and
coercion. (6)
· Overall there is very little evidence for the established Holocaust narrative. Hard evidence is
elusive, and what evidence as does exist is built largely on eyewitness reports, confessions and
hearsay. Witness reports, notoriously unreliable anyway, are in this case totally false. Many key
witnesses have already been demolished in the witness box and many noted ones, such as those
by Rudolf Vrba, Felipe Muller, Kurt Gerstein and Rudolf Hoess, are now partially or completely
discredited. · Many key elements of the Holocaust narrative have already been disproved to the extent that
even establishment Holocaust writers have conceded their inaccuracy. Examples of these are the
Jews-into-soap story – the long disproved story of how the Nazis used the bodies of gassed Jews
to make soap - the use of “steam chambers” to steam victims to death, and the existence of
homicidal gas chambers at concentration camps in Germany itself such as Dachau and
Buchenwald. All claims were made at Nuremberg, and all have subsequently been quietly
discarded. Most telling is the quiet downgrading of the figures of victims illustrated by the removal of
nineteen signs at Auschwitz, which told visitors in nineteen languages that four million Jews died in
the camp. These have now been replaced with signs claiming a million and a half (still claimed by
revisionists to be a significant exaggeration). Revisionist research seems to have been carried out in a scholarly manner, is well supported by
evidence and is presented in a calm and restrained way. That some revisionists (not all) have
histories in far-right activism is true. That some (not all) exhibit anti-Jewish sentiment is also true,
although this may in part be due to the assaults that many have come under from Jews and Jewish
In conclusion, it has been proven that 1) there never was an official plan on the part of Hitler or any
other part of the Nazi regime systematically and physically to eliminate every Jew in Europe; and 2)
that there never existed homicidal gas-chambers. Also, the numbers of Jewish victims have been
intentionally exaggerated for ideological and self-serving purposes. Acceptance of Holocaust dogma is a sign of submission to the Tel Aviv–New York Axis, a sign of
the new colonialism. [Iranian president] Ahmadinejad refused it just as St Paul refused to accept
the Noahide laws: not because St Paul wanted to partake of pagan sacrifices, but because he did
not want to take his orders from the Jews.
No one can legislate historical truth. In so far as historical truth can be established at all, it must be
found by unfettered historical research, with historians arguing over the evidence and the facts,
testing and disputing each other's claims without fear of prosecution or persecution "By subverting the Holocaust you also subvert the existence of the State of Israel," says Dr. Oscar
Levy [Jews well know] the usefulness of the gas chamber tale for blackmailing the world for financial gain
and political capital in the Middle East. The holocaust is a racist concept for focusing solely on the
slaughter of Jews. From Michael Hoffman, author of Judaism Discovered — The rabbinic "Shoah" is a Trojan
horse inside Christianity and its refutation does indeed concern "faith and morality" since it betrays
the Gospel by derogating Calvary and substituting it with Auschwitz as the central martyrdom of
western history. It is a commonplace of history that in every war atrocity propaganda is employed and exaggeration
is a centerpiece of that propaganda. In the case of virtually every conflict except World War II, the
record is corrected after the embers of bellicose passion have Auschwitz the plaque
that was formerly displayed to Pope John Paul II as noting four million deaths has been quietly
altered to a figure far lower. "The Holocaust" in its manifestation as the rabbinic "Shoah" mystification, incorporated into the
Catholic Church by the current and previous Roman pontiff, and made a litmus test for
ecclesiastical office, represents nothing less than the derogation of Calvary as the central
ontological reality of martyrdom, in favor of Auschwitz. By way of proof we have only to point to the
fact that no one goes to jail for denying Chris's death on the Cross or His Resurrection from the
dead. Only the West’s most sacred icon, Holocaustolatry, is so protected.
From David Irving, widely considered the world's premier World War II historian
Hitler had never planned any genocide of the Jews: I pointed to the logical evidence that ran
counter to any plan of total genocide—the proof that Nazi Germany had allowed 200,000 Jews to
emigrate by 1941 ; the fact that as late as 1944 there were still several exchanges of thousands of
Jews from the camps at Bergen Belsen and Vittel for expatriate Germans released from Allied
internment; and the clear evidence that even when the Auschwitz site was about to be overrun in
January 1945 the Nazis either evacuated the 70,000 Jews still there to the west (including Anne
Frank) or left those who so chose (including Anne’s sick father Otto) in the camp hospital being
tended by SS doctors until the Russians came. In Austria it is illegal to say such things, it appears.
The truth is no defence against the Verbotsgesetz
. Unfortunately, my routine warning that 'Nobody
in their right mind can deny that the Nazis did kill millions of Jews,' was edited out." (
Banged Up
, p.
68; available online)
From an interview with Norman Finkelstein, professor and author of The Holocaust Industry
[available online]
Anas Altikriti: ...
You have written a book on the Holocaust industry, how it’s become, well, an
industry, basically. Tell us a little about that. What’s your take on that? Particularly the fact that
every year we have this discussion, this debate within the Muslim communities around Europe as
to whether they should go, they shouldn’t go, and such.
Norman Finkelstein:
They should definitely not go.
Anas Altikriti:
Norman Finkelstein:
Because the Holocaust Memorial Day has nothing to do with the Nazi
holocaust. The Holocaust industry has nothing to do with the Nazi holocaust. All it is, is an
ideological weapon of Israel and its supporters to immunize Israel and its supporters from criticism.
It has nothing to do with the actual event. These people don’t care about the actual event. They
don’t care about the survivors. It’s a manipulative public relations device, and I think nobody should
have any truck with it. You should stay away from it, you should boycott it, and say that you’re not
going to allow the Nazi holocaust to be turned into an ideological club to keep dissenting opinion in
line. I would never—I’ve never even gone to the U.S. Holocaust museum in Washington. I’m not
going to have anything to do with that. My parents suffered too much, endured too much, for their
suffering to be turned into a weapon to justify war.
Just look at what happened, the build-up to the war in Iraq in 2003. Anyone who dissented—
anyone who dissented from an illegal war of aggression was accused of being an appeaser of
Hitler. Now can you imagine that? The Nazi holocaust has now become the main ideological
weapon for justifying wars of aggression. That’s a fact. Every time Israel and the United States want
to launch an illegal war of aggression, what do they charge? That their enemy is Hitler.
Ahmadinejad, he’s Hitler. Hezbollah’s Hitler. Hamas is Hitler. Every time they want to commit an
illegal war of aggression, they use the Nazi holocaust to justify it. Now that’s the ultimate irony. The
Nazi holocaust has become the chief, the main ideological weapon for waging illegal wars of
aggression. Why should anyone have anything to do with that? Stay away from those memorials.
Let the Holocaust-mongers and the warmongers attend those memorials. No self-respecting,
decent, peace-loving person, someone who loves justice, would have anything to do with those
memorials. From "Who Needs the Holocaust?"
Israel Shamir
The American Jewish establishment, including the Zionist Organization of America and the Anti-
Defamation not against revisionism as such. This organization pioneered the art of
denying history and published, at the expense of American taxpayer, a booklet called "Deir Yassin:
History of a Lie". Deir Yassin was a peaceful village the Jewish terrorist groups Etzel and Lehi attacked on the 9th of
April 1948, and massacred its men, women and children. I do not want to repeat the gory tale of
sliced off ears, gutted bellies, raped women, torched men, bodies dumped in stone quarries or the
triumphal parade of the murderers....
ZOA the eye-witness accounts of the survivors, the Red Cross, the British
police, Jewish scouts and other Jewish observers, who were present at the scene of massacre.
They discount even Ben Gurion's apology, since after all, the commanders of these gangs became
in their turn prime ministers of the Jewish state. For ZOA, only the testimony of the murderers has
any validity. That is, if the murderers are Jews. If the Jews are the victims, these same American Zionist organizations spare no effort in
challenging revisionism. The "revisionists" risked their lives and fortunes trying to undermine what they call "the Myth of the
Holocaust". One can understand their interest. Nowadays, one may openly doubt the Immaculate
Conception or (maybe) challenge the founding myths of Israel. Yet the cult of the Holocaust retains
a unique, court-enforced prohibition against any investigation that might cast a doubt on its sacred
dogma. Dogmas have a way of attracting critical minds.
From "Vampire Killers" by Israel Shamir A courageous step was taken by Dr Norman Finkelstein in his best-selling expose The Holocaust
. ...A Jewish organization called "Lawyers without Borders" has already sued him in
France. ...Finkelstein set out to explore the secret of our discrete Jewish charm, a charm that opens
American hearts and the coffers of Swiss bankers. His conclusion is that we do it by appealing to
European and American guilt feelings. "The Holocaust cult has proven to be an indispensable
ideological weapon. Through its deployment, one of the world's most formidable military powers,
with a horrendous human rights record, has cast itself as a victim state, and the most successful
ethnic group in the US has acquired victim status." Finkelstein carries out a brilliant analysis of the
Holocaust cult, and comes to a startling discovery: it is but a shabby construct of a few clichés
stitched together by the sorrowful voice of Elie Wiesel in a limo. ...the Holocaust cult...solved the eternal problem of the rich and influential, warding off the envy
and hate of the poor and exploited. It allowed Mark Rich and other swindlers to cheat and steal, it
allowed the Israeli army to murder children and starve women with impunity. His opinion is shared
by many Israelis. Ari Shavit, a well-known Haaretz writer, expressed it best in 1996, when the Israeli
Army killed over a hundred civilian refugees in Kana, Lebanon: "We may murder with impunity,
because the Holocaust museum is on our side". Boaz Evron, Tom Segev and other Israeli writers
have articulated the same notion. The two Gods, Holocaust and Democracy, are cleverly set in a complementary relationship. The
message is clear: unless Democracy is in place, a Holocaust is inevitable. This is a clear case of
misunderstanding. Just recently Hamas was democratically elected to rule Palestine, and it was
not approved by the US and Israel. Russia had a democratically elected Parliament in 1993, but it
was not approved by the US and Israel. Belarus has a democratically elected President but he is
not approved by the US and Israel. Thus, Democracy is not required: a regime should be approved
by the Jews. And no regime will be approved by the Jews, unless it is controlled by the Jews. Thus
we arrive to another truism: unless a country is controlled by the Jews, a Holocaust is inevitable.
Or, even in simpler form: it is Yisrael, or Esau. If Yisrael can’t control Esau, Esau will kill him. This
is a traditional Jewish point of view. (Several of Shamir's books are available online)
From the Jewish Chronicle
25/04/2008 A university has withdrawn a researcher’s fellowship after he published an article claiming that the
gas chambers of Auschwitz never existed.
Nicholas Kollerstrom posted the article, "The Auschwitz 'Gas Chamber' Illusion", on the website of
the revisionist Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust.
He claimed that only one million Jews died in the war and that “the only intentional mass
extermination program in the concentration camps of WW2 was targeted at Germans”.
Dr Kollerstrom, 61, an honorary research fellow at University College London until Tuesday, stood
by the claims this week, but expressed surprise that they had caused offence.
And he insisted the university “had not actually told me what’s so terrible about the article”. He
complained that he had been accused of “thought-crime” after spending months researching it.
And he added: “If a smaller number were gassed, then surely the Jewish community should be
pleased that it wasn’t so ghastly.” Here is an extract from one of his postings on the CODOH website:
“Zyklon-B was used at Auschwitz, as an insecticide. It was vital in attempting to maintain hygiene
that mattresses be deloused. Cyanide gas was absorbed on to clay-type granules, designed to
make the deadly gas as ‘safe’ as it could be. “If you go to Auschwitz today, you can’t see any authentic gas chambers. You see stone huts, and
experts have testified that they could not have been used to gas people, owing to problems in
sealing them up (Zyklon-B released its cyanide gas rather slowly).”
In another, he wrote:
“The verdicts of Nuremberg were made final and binding for the post-war FRG [Federal Republic of
Germany]. Germany has since paid a hundred billion Deutschmarks to Israel by way of Holocaust-
compensation — clearly, that needs to be refunded. “Germany should take the advice of Iranian leader Ahmadinajad and stop paying it, because that
funding provides undue motivation for holocaust ‘memories’. Germany is helping to maintain the
holocaust legend, by thus aiding the state of Israel.” THE EMPEROR HAS NO CLOTHES! The Facts vs. "Holocaust" Fictions and Other Related Deceptions By Michael Walsh
From Witness to History, Chapter 23 (available online)
Western leaders bearing responsibility for the 2nd World War sought desperately to cover up their
tracks. As in the USSR the true nature of Hitler’s Germany, the causes of war, the conduct of it and its
aftermath, needed to be kept from the [public]. Guaranteeing Poland’s illegal occupation of German territory would hardly justify the scale of the
tragedy and could hardly explain the dismemberment of Germany, the handing over of eleven
independent nations to Stalin’s dictatorship, the excesses of the victors, and the deaths of an
estimated 16 million Germans [emphasis added] … not to mention our own losses. There were
compelling reasons for hiding the truth, even fifty-years on. But Churchill’s ‘bodyguard of lies to
protect the truth’ needed to be insulated also. Hitler’s Germany had to be so thoroughly vilified that few would have the courage to defend it.
Those who did—as in the Soviet Union—would find themselves denied a platform or publicly
defamed in a modern version of the stocks, leading to probable loss of livelihood. No publisher
would dare to allow anyone to point out that the emperor has no clothes. All lies as a consequence
have gone unchallenged and have become part of established ‘fact’. GITTA SERENY, HOLOCAUST WRITER “A very disturbing thing has happened to journalism, to the writing of history, and even to justice. In
anything to do with the Nazis … any attempt at detachment is considered suspect, any degree of
objectivity reprehensible … I have to battle in print against men like Martin Gray (
For Those I Have
) who use these appalling events for self-aggrandisement … but attacking Gray causes
wrathful indignation among holocaust dogmatists.”—Gitta Sereny, London Review of Books
, April
21st, 1988 SIX MILLION EMPERORS HAVE NO CLOTHES All wars by necessity are accompanied by propaganda and most people are familiar with the lies
and exaggerations. But the megalithic scale of the Second World War was such that stories of
German troops throwing Belgian babies in the air to catch them on bayonets fell far short of
requirements if the victors’ populations were to accept their governments’ version of events, and
their own suffering. THE MINISTRY’S SELECTIVE PRESS RELEASE: “We know how the Red Army behaved in Poland in 1920, and in Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Galicia,
and Bessarabia only recently. “We must, therefore, take into account how the Red Army will behave when it overruns Central
Europe. Unless precautions are taken, the obviously inevitable horrors which will result will throw an
undue strain on public opinion in this country. “We cannot reform the Bolsheviks, but we can do our best to save them—and ourselves—from the
consequences of their acts. The disclosure of the past quarter of a century will render mere denials
unconvincing. The only alternative to denial is to distract public attention from the whole subject. “Experience has shown that the best distraction is atrocity propaganda directed against the enemy.
Unfortunately the public is no longer so susceptible as in the days of ‘the corpse factory,’ the
‘mutilated Belgian babies’ and the ‘crucified Canadians’. “Your co-operation is therefore earnestly sought to distract public attention from the doings of the
Red Army by your wholehearted support of various charges against the Germans and the
Japanese which have been and will be put into circulation by the Ministry. Your expression of belief
in such may convince others. I am Sir, your obedient servant. (Signed) H. Hewett, Assistant Secretary “The Ministry can enter into no correspondence of any kind with regard to this communication
which should only be disclosed to responsible persons.” Allied Wartime Diplomacy, Edward Rozek—
A Pattern in Poland
, York/London, 1958 DID SIX MILLION REALLY DIE? All of us are familiar with the photographic evidence of Nazi-inspired genocide; we have seen the
pictures, the newsreels taken at Buchenwald, Bergen-Belsen, Dachau. How can it be denied? It is not. What is a matter of dispute, where the film and photographs are genuine, is not the cause
of the tragedy but the reasons for it. The popular belief is that these huge mounds of skeletal corpses are proof of a deliberate policy of
genocide; caught in the act so to speak. In fact, the physical condition of the camp inmates was not
far removed from that of many of the general German population. (See. Chapter 20). There are thousands of photographs and newsreels, admittedly not readily available for obvious
reasons, that show German civilians, women and children in a similar state of emaciation. To understand why, one has to understand that much of Germany in the final months of the war
resembled a moonscape; the infrastructure had completely disintegrated; road and rail links were
hopelessly disrupted and food distribution non-existent. Millions of refugees were fleeing into the
Reich, millions more were displaced. Chaos was king. Throughout war-torn Europe and especially in the displaced persons and refugee camps where
large numbers congregated, disease; cholera and typhoid were rampant and knew no physical or
political borders: IN CZECHOSLOVAKIA: “A typhus epidemic now rages amongst them, and they are said to be dying at the rate of 100 a
London Daily Mail
, August 6th, 1945 IN FRANCE: “..... there is a typhoid epidemic in the camp which has already spread to the neighbouring
village.”—Louis Clair, The Progressive
, January 14th, 1946 IN GERMANY: “By reason of heavy bombing, road communications had been destroyed and no supplies had
reached the camp; typhoid fever ensued and hundreds of prisoners had died as a consequence.
The allies arrived on the scene and found a terrible situation.”—Cyril Connolly, The Golden Horizon
Weidenfeld and Nicholson, London “The German Army at Bergen had forewarned the British that a full-blown epidemic of typhus had
broken out among the prisoners in the camp.”—Douglas Botting, In The Ruins of the Reich
, George
Allen & Unwin. London, 1985 “Disease of all kinds was rife and in a vast number of cases it was difficult to tell which disease
predominated—whether it was typhus, starvation, tubercle or a combination of all three, which was
responsible for the shattered wrecks of human beings who formed the majority of the inmates … “there had been no water for about a week owing to damage by (allied) shell fire to the electrical
pumping equipment on which the system depended.”—Appendix ‘O’ Chapter VII, Second Army
History “Interestingly, this report alluding to the disruption of supplies due to the total war conditions
mentions, “meals varied from one to three per day.” “Interesting because the inmates of Belsen were better fed than the German prisoners held by the
Americans… 260,000 German POWs held by the Americans after the fighting had ended
‘lived’ (actually 1,200 died) on one potato, a single biscuit, a spoonful of vegetables and some
water, a day”.—
The Times
, 7th March 1995 Such photographs as those taken at Bergen-Belsen could have been taken anywhere in Central
Europe, where millions of civilians of many nations faced death through starvation and disease,
producing similar mounds of emaciated corpses. In the case of Displaced Persons and
concentration camp victims, the causes were deprivation, starvation, typhoid and cholera; not as a
deliberate policy but as a direct consequence of the allies determination to totally destroy Germany,
leading to unconditional surrender. This may not be palatable, but it is the truth. On a visit that I made to Dachau—and I invite you to do likewise—you will see numerous
photographs of inmates, clearly in good health and thoroughly fit, even wearing industrial gloves to
protect their hands. Each of us have seen photographs of inmates at the point of liberation who
again are obviously in good health. I have yet to hear an explanation as to why in some parts of Germany the liberated were physically
fit and in good health, whilst in other parts we see the horrendous results of starvation and disease.
We can draw our own conclusions from the fact that the scale and location of such misery or lack of
it, is directly related to the destructiveness of the allied war machine. CAMP REALITIES Oswald Pohl, of the S.S Economy and Administration Office, provided incriminating statements
relating to camp procedures, but only under torture: “Pohl had signed some incriminating statements after being subjected to severe torture, including a
bogus admission that he had seen a gas chamber at Auschwitz in the summer of 1944.”—Senator
McCarthy Prior to Pohl being arrested and tortured as a means of procuring ‘evidence of extermination,’ one
Heinrich Hoepker, vehemently anti-Nazi who was nevertheless friendly with Oswald Pohl’s wife and
as such a frequent visitor between the years 1942-1945, described the S.S officer: “Hoepker noted that Pohl was essentially a mild-mannered and serene person. During a visit to
Pohl in the spring of 1944, Hoepker was brought into contact with concentration camp inmates who
were working on a local project outside the camp area. He noted that the prisoners worked in a
leisurely manner and relaxed atmosphere without any pressure from their guards. “Hoepker declared that Pohl did not hold an emotional attitude towards the Jews, and did not object
to his wife entertaining her Jewish friend, Annemarie Jacques, at their home. “By the beginning of 1945, Hoepker was fully convinced that the administrator of the concentration
camps was a humane, conscientious and dedicated servant of the task, and he was astonished
when he heard later in 1945 of the accusations being made against Pohl and his colleagues. Frau
Pohl noted that her husband retained his serenity in the face of adversity until March, 1945, when
he visited the camp at Bergen-Belsen, at the time of the typhus epidemic there. Hitherto the camp
had been the model of cleanliness and order, but the chaotic conditions of the close of the war had
reduced it to a state of extreme hardship. “Pohl, who was unable to alleviate conditions there because of the desperate pass the war had
reached by that time, was deeply effected by the experience and, according to his wife, never
regained his former state of composure.” HERMAN GOERING “Mass murder! I assure you that we never for a moment had such things in mind. I only thought we
would eliminate Jews from positions in big business and government, and that was all. But don’t
forget that the Jews carried on a terrific campaign against us too, all over the world.”—Herman
Goering from his death cell STATISTICALLY It is an established fact that the Jews in Germany were very few indeed. The Germans who are
very good at keeping statistics, never as far as I am aware claimed there to be in excess of 1%,
which would number less than 1 million. The Jewish Joint Distribution Committee put the figure at
1,559,600, and have yet to explain why they are claiming compensation for double that figure. [Note—JP: In Samuel Untermeyer’s speech where he called for a ‘holy war’ against Germany
(August 1933) he stated that “we must save those 600,000…”] Any reasoned or academic analysis of the alleged program of extermination inevitably leads to
gross inconsistencies; so much so that the propagandists have reluctantly beaten a retreat on
every so-called extermination camp, until all they are left with is Auschwitz, which conveniently was
‘liberated’ by the Red Army who never allowed outsiders in until 10 years after the war’s end. SHAKY GROUND “Our detailed research (into the holocaust) however mostly establishes only how shaky is the
ground we’re on: the consensus of research data often turns out only to be the result of everybody
having uncritically copied what everybody else was writing; the actual documentary basis on many
matters is frighteningly narrow and is in consequence easily shattered by some find or other. “In all too many matters we are still groping in total darkness. If we are to avert being shown up, in
the next few years historical research is going to have to do all it can not only to establish better
documentary defences but broader-based ones as well.”—Dr. Hans-Heinrich Wilhelm, University of
Riga, 1988 “A large number of testimonials on file here were later proved to be inaccurate when locations and
dates could not pass an expert historian’s appraisal.”—Shmuel Krakowski, Director Archives, Yad
Vashem, Israel “Much of the personal survivor testimony is unreliable about names, locations or dates... what
survivors speak about most is their suffering. Samuel Gringauz, a survivor had harsh words for
these personal histories. “In the January 1950 issue of Jewish Social Studies he called the ‘Judaeocentric, logocentric and
egocentric’. For him, most of the memoirs were full of ‘preposterous verbosity, exaggeration,
dramatic effects, dilettante philosophism, would-be lyricism, unchecked rumors, bias and
apologies.”—Raul Hilberg, Jerusalem Post
, June 28th, 1986 “The testimony of all witnesses who ‘had seen him (Adolf Eichmann) with their own eyes’ collapsed
the moment the question was read out to him.”—Hannah Arendt, Eichmann in Jerusalem
, 1971, p.
CRIMES “I know of no other case in which so many deviations from procedures internationally accepted as
desirable occurred.”—Dr. William A Wagenaar, Harvard University Press ALBERT SPEER Even Albert Speer, the Third Reich’s Minister of Armaments, a gifted technician rather than an
idealist, and as such ready to compromise on matters of honour, could never bring himself to
support the victors’ lies on the extermination allegations. He “...always maintained that he did not know of the death camps in which six million Jews died.” If one had known, surely it would have to be Speer. DACHAU—ANOTHER ALLEGATION IN RETREAT “I was in Dachau for 17 months after the war, as a U.S. War Department Attorney, and can state
that there were no gas chambers at Dachau. “What was shown to visitors and sightseers there and erroneously described as a gas chamber was
a crematory. “Nor was there a gas chamber in any other the other concentration camps in Germany. We were
told that there was a gas chamber at Auschwitz, but since this was in the Russian zone of
occupation, we were not permitted to investigate since the Russians would not allow it. “From what I was able to determine in six years of post-war Germany and Austria, there were a
number of Jews killed, but the figure of a million was certainly never reached. I interviewed
thousands of Jews, former inmates of concentration camps in Germany and Austria, and consider
myself as well qualified on the subject as any man.”—Stephen F. Pinter, Our Sunday Visitor
, June
14th, 1959 THE WRITING ON THE WALL In 1946, a memorial plaque was unveiled at Dachau by Philip Auerbach, the Jewish State Secretary
in the Bavarian Government. The plaque read: ‘This area is being retained as a shrine to the
238,000 individuals who were cremated here.’ Since then, this figure has consistently been revised downwards to its present total of 20,600, who
it appears died from typhus and starvation at the end of the war. Note: Auerbach has since been convicted for embezzling money that he claimed for non-existent
Jews. It appears that the State Secretary certainly had a way with figures. FURTHER RETREAT It was not long before it was admitted that there had been no extermination camps on territory
captured by the western allies. Equally conveniently it was discovered that the extermination camps
just happened to have been on territory occupied by the Russians. Dr. Martin Broszat, the anti-Nazi Director of the Institute of Contemporary History in Munich who
can lay claim to being a major influence on the genocide issue, admitted in Die Zeit
, (August 19th,
1960). ‘That there were no extermination camps on German soil,’ and that instead, one had to look
‘above all to Auschwitz.’ Yet, by general historical consensus the evidence of Auschwitz is overwhelmingly dependent upon
the ‘confessions’ of its Commandant, Rudolf Hoess. COMMANDANT OF AUSCHWITZ, RUDOLF HOESS (LONDON, 1960) This book purports to be the testimony of Rudolf Hoess, the Commandant of Auschwitz from 1940
until his arrest by the British Army in 1945. Subjected to torture and brain-washing, ‘his testimony at
Nuremberg was delivered in a mindless monotone as he stared blankly into space.’ Even Reitlinger regarded his testimony as hopelessly untrustworthy; a catalogue of wild
exaggerations. These included his declaration that 16,000 Jew a day were disposed of—which
would have meant 13 million in total! Tortured, his statement appears in American-English idiom yet there is no evidence that Rudolf
Hoess could speak any English at all. Tried at Nuremberg and handed over to the Polish
Communists in 1947, he was ordered to write the story of his life, which was published as
Wspomniena in the Polish language. It is said that the hand-written original exists, but no one has
ever seen it. ADOLF EICHMANN Kidnapped by the Israelis in May, 1960, this impudent illegality again had a happy coincidence in
that the incident happened just as ‘war crimes investigators found in the archives of the U.S. Library
of Congress,’ more than fifteen years after the war’s end, the ‘complete file’ of Eichmann’s
department. Needless to say these files were riddled with inconsistencies and errors. FRANZ STENGEL This former commandant of Treblinka is equally interesting and for this we have to be grateful for
his reminisces ‘written’—a few days before his death in prison. THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANK First published in 1952, The Diary of Anne Frank
, a classical weepy about a Jewish adolescent’s
tribulations at the hands of Nazis became an immediate best-seller, succeeded by television and
film events. Less well known is the fact that the ‘actual diary’ consisted of just 150 notes. This somewhere along
the way transformed itself into a 293-page published tome of a high literary standard dealing with
historical events that make it highly unlikely to have been written by any twelve-year old girl. Nor was this the only miracle, for it emerged that many of the notes, corrections and suchlike were
written in a ball-point pen; a writing implement that was not invented until 1951, a number of years
after the girl is supposed to have died. Hardly surprising therefore that between 1956 and 1958, Meyer Levin, a well known author and
journalist successfully sued Otto Frank, Anne’s father, for $50,000 as indemnity for ‘fraud, default
and unauthorized employment of ideas’. It appeared that it wasn’t so much a case of The Diary of
Anne Frank, as the case of The Diary of Meyer Levin. Furthermore, the handwriting attributed to Anne Frank and the handwriting in the ‘diary’ bear no
similarity. When in April, a Swedish investigator wrote to Anne Frank’s father, Otto Frank, requesting
permission to come to Switzerland, bringing with him a party of experts to examine the original
documents, which had never before been examined, his request was refused by Otto Frank... “who
wished no further contact.” Further comment would be superfluous. AUSCHWITZ It is at Auschwitz that the most fanciful statistics appear, and it seems a great shame that the
propagandists couldn’t at least get together and agree on a figure. In Olga Legyel’s Five Chimneys (London, 1959) it is claimed that the camp cremated 720 per hour
or 17,280 per 24-hour shift. She alleges that a further 8,000 a day were burned in ‘death pits’. This means that between March 1942 and October 1944, the single camp of Auschwitz would have
disposed of 21,000,000 Jews … Which happens to be 6 million more than the entire world
population of Jews! Reitlinger admitted that only 363,000 inmates ‘were registered at the camp between January 1940
and February 1945.’—
The S.S.: Alibi of a Nation
, p. 268 Any analysis of propagandist figures exposes a statistical fraud on a ludicrous scale, and a
complete absence of hard evidence. “There were no gas chambers at Auschwitz or anywhere else in wartime Europe. On that I state my
reputation and career.”—Professor Robert Faurisson “Despite thousands of detailed documents on the crematoria built to dispose of the bodies of typhus
victims, not a single piece of documentary evidence has ever been produced to substantiate the
existence of even one gas chamber; not an order for construction, a plan, an invoice, or a
photograph. During the hundreds of ‘war crimes’ trials, nothing could be produced.—Professor
Robert Faurrisson, Le Monde Although millions of gassings are said to have occurred, ‘no one has ever been charged with
murder by gassing. That is, no one has ever been charged with operating the alleged gas
chambers.”—John Bennett, Secretary, Victoria Council for Civil Liberties PROFESSOR PAUL RASSINIER Professor Paul Rassinier is generally regarded as being the doyen of the revisionist movement. A
French Marxist and committed anti-National Socialist, he was arrested by the Germans during the
war and interned at Buchenwald and Dora concentration camps between 1943 and 1945. He has
always been at the forefront in disproving the allegations of genocide. “I was in Auschwitz from January, 1944 until December, 1944. After the war I heard about the mass
murders supposedly perpetrated by the S.S against the Jewish prisoners, and I was perfectly
astonished. There were no secrets at Auschwitz.”—Thies Christopherson, Research worker at
Auschwitz “In September, 1944 a Commission of the International Red Cross came to the camp for an
inspection. They were particularly interested in the camp at Birkenau, although we also had many
inspections at Raisko.”—Bunawerk Section, p. 85 “The fact that we were able to receive visits from our relatives at any time demonstrates the
openness of the camp administration. Had Auschwitz been a great extermination camp, we would
certainly not have been able to receive such visits.”—Thies Christopherson, p. 27 “Auschwitz, despite its emblematic name, was NOT primarily an extermination camp for the Jews
and is not the central case through which to study extermination.”—Gite Sereny, Jewish Historian,
The New Statesman
, November 2nd, 1979 IF NOT AUSCHWITZ, WHERE THEN? Other Jews who have spoken out against what has been described as ‘the hoax of the twentieth
century,’ include Beael Chaim, the head of the prestigious Revisionist Press publishing house,
Professor Howard Stein, the noted historian at the University of Oklahoma, and Jean-Gabrielle
Cohn-Bendit, a writer with the French Guillaume Publishing Group. WILLIAM SHIRER Shirer, the author of the tendentious ‘Rise and Fall of the Third Reich’ alleges that 300,000
Hungarian Jews were done to death in just 46 days (ibid. p. 1156). This would have meant almost
the extermination of Hungary’s Jewish population of 380,000. But, according to the Central
Statistical Office in Budapest, there were 260,000 Jews living in Hungary—in 1945! A JEW SPEAKS OUT “Why then are they, the Israelis, obstructing all honest research into the six million question? All
statistics will so long be controversial until world Jewry and Zionism will be willing to present to the
public exact official statistics of the losses. The roadblock to research is due to the fact that from six
million dead, one can exact far more reparations than from say 6,000.”—Joseph Ginsburg, Jewish
researcher and survivor, Munich NOTE: To date, (West) Germany has paid out 80 billion deutschmarks in ‘compensation’ to Israel,
which doesn’t go entirely without gratitude: “… the state of Israel would not have half of its present infrastructure; every train in Israel is
German, the ships are German, as well as electricity, a big part of industry … without mentioning
the individual pensions paid to survivors.”—Nahum Goldman, In The Name of Israel (1978) NEARLY EVERYBODY WINS The allies get their justification, the Israelis get their 80 billion deutschmarks and the Soviets add
another eleven nations to their empire. THE POISONED WELL As Dr. Hans-Heinrich Wilhelm of the University of Riga says, “... research data often turns out only to be the result of everybody having uncritically copied what
everybody else was writing.” Indeed, many of the figures bandied about originate in cheap paperbacks churned out by ‘quack-
hacks’ out to make a fast buck out of combining the victors’ need for justification and the public lust
for scandal. Such nonsense is then assiduously re-cycled with highly imaginative embroidery until it
loses all contact with reality—which ironically causes outrage from the professional propagandists
astute enough to see the danger this presents. FOR THOSE I LOVED. Martin Gray, Bodley Head, 1973 This book purports to describe the experiences of the author at Treblinka camp in Poland. Gray in
fact specialized in selling fake antiques in America before he was attracted to the buck-earning
potential of cashing in on the insatiable appetite for holocaust-hype. Even the BBC was sufficiently
cautious to ask him why he had waited twenty-eight years to reveal all. AXIS RULE IN OCCUPIED EUROPE, Rafael Lemkin, N.Y. 1943 This Polish-Jew, author of the above title, drew up the UN Geneva Convention which sought to
outlaw ‘racism’ whose extermination figures would have meant—according to official Jewish
statistics—the extermination of the world’s Jewish population by 1945. According to the World Almanac there were 16 million Jews in the world in 1938; the New York
Times puts it at 15 million. DAS DRITTE REICH UND DIE JUDEN: DOCUMENTE UND AUFSATZE, Poliakov, Berlin, 1955 The only evidence was: “The three of four people chiefly involved in drawing up the plan for total
extermination are dead, and no documents exist.” How very convenient! THE RISE AND FALL OF THE THIRD REICH, William L. Shirer One would expect this renowned self-styled expert on the Third Reich to have done other than
weakly conclude that Hitler’s order for the murder of Jews, ‘apparently was never committed to
paper—at least no copy of it has ever been unearthed. It was probably given verbally to Goering,
Himmler, Heydrich, who passed it down....’ It seems strange that German officers, who appear fond of taking souvenir pictures of graveside
executions, would be so coy about putting their thoughts on paper. THE INCOMPARABLE CRIME, Manvel and Frank, London, 1967, p. 46 The term, ‘final solution’ had its origins in a memorandum issued nine months before the outbreak
of war: “Supplementing the task that was assigned to you on 24th, January, 1939, to solve the Jewish
problem by means of emigration and evacuation in the best possible way according to conditions.” The supplementary task referred to ‘a total solution (gesamtlosung) of the Jewish question within
the area of German influence in Europe.’ Manvel and Frankl substituted the word extermination for
emigration, and so the ‘final solution was born’. The alleged final details of the plan to exterminate European Jewry are said to have taken place at
the Gross Wansee Conference held in Berlin, 20th, January 1942. Unfortunately again there isn’t
the slightest documentary evidence supporting such a plan. It seems, according to Manvel and
Frankl that, ‘the minutes are shrouded in the form of officialdom that cloaks the real significance of
the words and terminology that are being used.’ Of all the innumerable directives and documents that allegedly passed between Heinrich Himmler,
Reinhard Heydrich, Adold Eichmann and Wilhelm Hoess, it seemed that, ‘none had survived.’ THE OTHER KINGDOM, David Rousset, New York, 1947. This book like many others carried extravagant claims about gas chambers at Buchenwald. The
anti-Hitler Professor Paul Rassinier, who himself spent a considerable time as an inmate at
Buchenwald, effectively proved that no such gas chambers existed; nor was there any program of
extermination. Today, it is no longer claimed to have been an extermination camp. CHAINES ET LUMIERES, Abbe Jean-Paul Renard. Professor Paul Rassinier traced the author and asked how he could possibly have testified as to
the existence of gas chambers. Renard replied, ‘that others had told him of their existence, and
hence had been willing to pose as a witness to things that he had never seen.’ RAVENSBRUCK; THE WOMEN’S CAMP OF DEATH, Denise Dufournier, London, 1948 Traced and found to have no evidence other ‘than vague rumors that Charlotte Borman stated were
deliberately spread by Communist political prisoners.’ TEUFEL UND VERDAMTE, Benedikt Kautsky. The author was traced, interviewed and confessed that he had never seen a gas chamber and that
he had based his ‘first hand information’ on “what others had told him.” DOCTOR AT AUSCHWITZ, Miklos Nyizli. It has been impossible to trace the author. He is not known to exist. HENRY KISSINGER, EX-U.S SECRETARY OF STATE “Even when Henry Kissinger bemoans some ten relatives whom he calls casualties of Auschwitz,
he never gives us names or dates.”—Dr. A.J. App, Ph.D. Since the war and up until his death, Professor Paul Rassinier tracked down and interviewed
scores of authors and writers of articles who had claimed first hand experience of extermination. He
had never found a single eyewitness; no one who had ever seen a gas chamber much less one in
operation. Nor could any of the authors and writers produce a single living witness who had done
so. AND FROM THE VICTORS’ PRISONERS: S.S GENERAL ERICH VON DEM BACH-ZELEWSKI An often told story is of how Heinrich Himmler on August 31st, 1942 personally witnessed the
execution of 100 Jews by an Einsatz detachment in Minsk, ‘causing him to nearly faint.’ This account is repeated over and over again in books and magazines, despite the fact that as long
ago as April, 1959, Bach-Zelewski admitted in court, ‘that he had made the allegations for the sake
of expediency and his own survival.’ The court accepted his retraction. “In fact, it is known that on that date Himmler was in conference in his Field headquarters at
Zhitomir in the Ukraine.”—
Die Wehrmacht im Kampf
, K. Vowinckel, Vol. 4, p. 275 OBERSTURMFUHRER KURT GERSTEIN Often quoted—with embellishment—this German officer’s death is shrouded in mystery after ‘he
had confessed’. His claims appear regularly, even in school textbooks. Despite his rank, Gerstein was far from being a National Socialist and was apparently vehement on
this point. Increasingly eccentric and convicted for sending eccentric mail through the post, he
claimed to have infiltrated the S.S and told his French interrogator that no less than 40 million
internees had been gassed. On April 12th, 1945, he revised this figure downwards to 25 million but even this figure—much
larger than the world’s Jewish population—was too unreal for French propaganda purposes, and so
the compromise figure of six million was agreed. Afterwards, Gerstein hanged himself in Cherche Midi Prison in Paris, although interestingly neither
his body nor his grave have ever been found. DR. WILHELM HOETTL (alias WALTER HAGEN) This person’s evidence is often quoted but in fact he was an intelligence agent working for both the
Americans and the Soviet Union. Close colleagues included two Jewish agents, Perger and Verber,
based in Vienna, who acted as ‘U.S. Army officers during the Nuremberg trials’. “It should be emphasised straight away that there is not a single document in existence which
proves that the Germans intended to, or carried out, the deliberate murder of Jews.”—
Did Six
Million Really Die?
, Richard Harwood, Historical Review Press ALOIS HOELLRIEGEL After being tortured, the subsequent ‘confessions’ sent General Ernst Kaltenbrunner to the gallows. HERMAN GOERING Declared that the very first time he had heard of the extermination claims ‘was right here in
Nuremberg.’ The Jewish writers, Poliakov, Reitlinger, Manvell and Frankl, all tried to implicate
Goering but, Charles Bewley in his work, Herman Goering (Gottingen, 1956), shows that not the
slightest evidence was found at Nuremberg to substantiate this charge. S.S. CAPTAIN DIETER WISLICENY The ‘evidence’ of S.S. Captain Dieter Wisliceny alleging Hitler’s extermination program is widely
quoted and again embellished. An assistant in Adolf Eichmann’s office, the captain fell into the
hands of Czech Communists and he was ‘interrogated’ at the Soviet-controlled Bratislava Prison
during November 1946. Wisliceny was in fact tortured to “becoming a nervous wreck addicted to uncontrollable fits of
sobbing for hours on end prior to execution.” S.S. GENERAL OTTO OHLENDORF This General was ‘persuaded to confess’ that 90,000 Jews had been killed under his command
alone.’ In 1948, three years after the war’s end when Ohlendorf came to be tried, he retracted his
statements claiming that they had been extracted under torture. He was executed in 1951 and of
course, his ‘confessions’ still appear as evidence. There is a great deal written, illustrated and filmed about the alleged extermination program carried
out by Hitler’s Germany. It is interesting to note that if such evidence was admissible only if proven,
and not extracted under torture, there would be no evidence whatsoever that Hitler’s Germany had
a policy of extermination, gassing or otherwise, against any racial grouping. Dr. E. Michael Jones,
On “Anti-Semitism”:
On October 16, 2004 President Bush signed into law the Global Anti-Semitism Review Act, which
establishes a special department within the U.S. State Department to monitor global anti-Semitism,
reporting annually to Congress. In its “Report on Global Anti-Semitism” and its “Global Anti-
Semitism Report,” the U.S. State Department lists the following set of beliefs as anti-Semitic:
1) Any assertion “that the Jewish community controls government, the media, international
business and the financial world” is anti-Semitic.
2) ”Strong anti-Israel sentiment” is anti-Semitic. 3) ”Virulent criticism” of Israel’s leaders, past or present, is anti-Semitic. According to the State
Department, anti-Semitism occurs when a swastika is portrayed in a cartoon decrying the behavior
of a past or present Zionist leader. Thus, a cartoon that includes a swastika to criticize Ariel
Sharon’s brutal 2002 invasion of the West Bank, raining “hell-fire” missiles on hapless Palestinian
men, women and children, is anti-Semitic. Similarly, when the word “Zionazi” is used to describe
Sharon’s saturation bombing in Lebanon in 1982 (killing 17,500 innocent refugees), it is also “anti-
4) Criticism of the Jewish religion or its religious leaders or literature (especially the Talmud and
Kabbalah) is anti-Semitic. 5) Criticism of the U.S. government and Congress for being under undue influence by the Jewish-
Zionist community (including AIPAC) is anti-Semitic.
6) Criticism of the Jewish-Zionist community for promoting globalism (the “New World Order”) is
anti-Semitic. 7) Blaming Jewish leaders and their followers for inciting the Roman crucifixion of Christ is anti-
Semitic. 8) Diminishing the “six million” figure of Holocaust victims is anti-Semitic. 9) Calling Israel a “racist” state is anti-Semitic. 10) Asserting that there exists a “Zionist Conspiracy” is anti-Semitic. 11) Claiming that Jews and their leaders created the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia is anti-Semitic.
12) Making “derogatory statements about Jewish persons” is anti-Semitic.
The State Department criteria has serious implications for anyone alive today. The most serious is
that it turns many Jews, who have made many of the above claims in books and articles they have
written, into anti-Semites. But the State Departmen’s definitions have serious historical implications
as well. If we take numbers 4 and 7 for example, it seems clear that not just ordinary Catholics but
Catholic popes and saints were guilty of anti-Semitism, according to the State Department’s criteria.
Numerous popes beginning with Pope Gregory IX in 1238 have condemned the Talmud as a
blasphemous assault on the person of Christ and the Christian faith and have urged Christians to
confiscate and burn it. Concerning #7, St. Peter, the first pope claimed in the Acts of the Apostles that the Jews were
responsible for the death of Christ. Even Nostrae Aetate
, the declaration of Vatican II on the Jews
which ushered in an era of good feeling and “ecumenism” claimed that some Jews were
responsible for Christ’s death. By their promiscuous use of the term anti-Semitism Rickman and his
cohorts in the State Department have turned traditional Catholic teaching into a hate crime. (From
"The Conversion of the Revolutionary Jew" published in the October 2006 issue of Culture Wars
magazine, also at culture
Dr. E. Michael Jones,
On Jews and Pornography, From The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and
Its Impact on World History
, p. 1055-56
[After reading this excerpt, the reader may more easily
connect the dots and see why powerful Jewish elites would militantly promote lies relating to Jewish
suffering during WWII. For an even clearer picture read the whole book. It is a tour de force
Several chapters are available at]
The connection between Jews and pornography is like the connection between Jews and
Bolshevism. Both are forms of revolutionary activity, ultimately traceable to Jewish concepts that
have been secularized. Jews become involved in pornography for reasons similar to why they
become involved in Communism, which is to say, not just because they happened to be Jews but
because being Jewish as they and Sabbatai Zevi and Wilhelm Reich defined it found logical
expression in producing pornography as a form of cultural warfare through moral subversion
. 'Jews who came to America,' Elliott Abrams writes, 'were usually. . . not the most devout people in
their communities' anyway. The decline in faith and morals, however, did not mean that they
stopped defining themselves as Jews. Socialism and sexual liberation simply filled up the religious
vessels from which the Torah had evaporated.
...The Israelis have recently shown themselves well-versed in what one could call the
military use of pornography. At 4:30 PM on March 30, 2002, Israeli military forces took over
Palestinian TV stations when they occupied Ramallah in the West Bank, immediately
shutting them down. What followed was a little more unusual. Shortly after occupying the
Al-Watan TV station, the Israeli forces began broadcasting pornography over its
transmitter. Eventually, according to a report from The Advertiser
, an Australian
newspaper, the Israelis expanded their cultural offensive against the Palestinian people by
broadcasting pornography over two other Palestinian stations, the Ammwaj and Al-Sharaq
channels. ... The simple fact of the matter is that this incident simply cannot be explained
according to the principles available in contemporary American culture. In order to
understand the disparity between the official explanation of pornography and what might be
termed its military use, we have to go back to the ancients. The story of Samson and Delilah might be a good place to start. Israel was invincible
militarily then too—at least that part hasn't changed—so the Philistines decided that they
had to get at the Israelite leader by other than military means. Unable to defeat him in
battle, they decided to seduce him sexually. Once Samson succumbed to Delilah's wiles,
he lost his power, and Israel lost its leader. They could find him then not on the field of
battle, but rather to use Milton's phrase 'eyeless in Gaza, grinding at the mill with slaves.' The story of the Palestinian TV stations broadcasting pornography has a curiously Biblical ring to it.
Having learned their lesson, the Israelis decided to turn the tables on their opponents, because
they knew that a blind opponent is no opponent at all, and because they knew—as the ancient
Greeks knew—that lust makes a man blind. St. Thomas Aquinas, giving voice to that same tradition
over a millennium later said that lust 'darkens the mind.' Suddenly, Israel's use of pornography in
their battle against the Palestinians isn't so inexplicable anymore because a blind opponent is a
weak opponent. A blind opponent is no opponent at all.
Jewish chutzpah was displayed no better than when Al Goldstein, the Jewish publisher of Screw
was asked by Luke Ford why so many Jews were engaged in trafficking porn. Goldstein’s answer
was: “The only reason that Jews are in pornography is that we think that Christ sucks. Catholicism
sucks. We don’t believe in authoritarianism.” But there is a more practical reason Jews dominate
pornography, for it is a means to revolution. As even Luke Ford admits: “‘Why does porn attract so
many non-Jewish Jews?’ Because ‘even when Jews live in a society that welcomes them instead of
harassing them, many Jews hate the majority culture.’ Pornography weakens the majority culture
by moral subversion. Jews often lead in the application of new technology. That meant using high
resolution photography, the VCR, and the Internet to deliver pornography just as it meant dynamite,
forgery, and smuggling to bring down the Czar in Russia.”
The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and Its Impact on World History
, called by Dr. Robert
Sungenis "one of the most important books ever written,"
can be purchased at
“The American people and our faithful allies put their trust in me. And now you can trust President Obama
even though he is
a democrat (hee hee!). And I just know
God continues to inspire us to spread freedom and democracy around the world with our armed forces. Sometimes you have to break a few eggs to make a tasty omelet (hee hee). Besides, what’s a few million Palestinians and Muslims when you’re talking about making it possible for Israel to re-establish the great Kingdom it had under King David and Solomon? You see, both President Obama and I believe in the Bible, and we believe in Israel, and we believe in all our generous Zionist friends, and uh, well, let’s just keep on bombin’ and trust in the Lord! By doing this we can also
help to atone for the Holocaust, for which all
of us non-Jews are responsible.”
“I’m sorry, Holy Father, I can’t seem to hear you. Did you say something about peace? Can you speak louder? Maybe we have a bad connection.”
“Welcome to Wal-Mart! As you can see, we’re having a special Pre-World War III sale between now and when our military and our wonderful Israeli friends begin annihilating Iran
and anyone else they and the Masters of the Universe want to help make peaceful and democratic nations (hee hee!). And don‘t miss our new “Holocaust Memorabilia” section taking up all of aisle 6!”
The “Holocaust” is like a pet crocodile, only it’s one that keeps growing and never dies a natural
death. You must constantly feed it more and more so that it will not eat you too - or at least will eat
you last
. But
you know it will eventually eat you too - unless you kill it first.
Related Information at these Websites and their Links
, David Irving’s website with many free books: Banged Up
is a good one to begin with; also
the chapter, "Final Solution" in his book Nurenberg; and The Morgenthau Plan
, outlining the Jewish-
inspired plan to murder 50 million Germans by execution, famine, and disease after World War II. The
diabolical Plan was modified by non-Jews but still 16 million Germans perished
, a startling fact that very
few people even know about, because the "Masters of Discourse" don't want us to know about it!
This was a
true holocaust that makes Jewish exaggerations about their own sufferings seem blasphemous by
comparison. See also
If any of these sites are censored by our oppressors, go to
. See also and And for truth in the news
rather than New World Order/Jewish propaganda subscribe to e-newsletters such as shamireaders-
[email protected]
and the Global Research e-newsletter
. Some of
the books mentioned above can be found at
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