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OSX 10.x IP Printing Configuration

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OSX 10.x
IP Printing Configuration
Summary: IP printing is the ability for a printer to use TCP/IP protocols
(such as LPD/LPR, IPP, or Socket or Jet Direct) to make itself accessible
to your computer. If the printer you want to use is not listed when you
print, you can add it to your list of available printers. To add an printer
using IP, you need to know its IP address or DNS name. See your network
administrator for assistance.
Step 1. Open System Preferences on the Doc or Blue Apple
and click the Print & Fax Icon.
Step 2. Click Printing tab, and then click
the Set Up Printers button.
Step 3. Click the Add Printer Icon in
the printer list.
Step 4. Choose IP Printing from the pop-up menu.
Step 5. Select Internet Printing protocol
from the Printer Type pop-up menu.
Step 6. Type the IP address for the printer
in the Printer Address field. If the printer IP
address is not marked ask your Tech
Step 7. Type in a recognizable name into
the Queue Name field.
OS 10.x
IP Printing Configuration
Step 8. Choose the brand of printer appropriate for
your printer from the Printer Model pop-up
menu, then select your printer in the Model
Name list.
Step 9. Click Add. The printer appears in the
Printer List as the default printer (in bold
type). It also appears in the Printer pop-up
menu when you print a document.
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