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Interesting information about United Kingdom of Great Britain

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Interesting information
about United Kingdom of
Great Britain
Kamil Stochaj kl. III B
Great Britain is unitarian and sovereign island nation located in northwest
Europe. The United Kingdom consists of England, Wales, Scotland located on
the island of Great Britain and Northern Ireland located on the island of
Ireland. Great Britain is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean in the west and
north, and the North Sea in the east. The Great Britain has also several
dependent territories all over the world for example: Akrotiri (Europe),
Bermudy (North America), British Antarctic Territory (Antarctica), Falkland
Islands (South America), British Indian Ocean Territory (Indian Ocean),
Pitcairn (Pacific Ocean), Saint Helena and Dependencies (Atlantic Ocean).
Flag of Great Britain
Royal Coat of Arms of Great Britain
Map of Great Britain
Political system of Great Britain
The Great Britain is a constitutional monarchy, in which the Monarch is a
head of the state and the Prime Minister is a head of the government. The
current Monarch is the Queen Elizabeth II. She has actually a
representative functions. The main power has David Cameron- the Prime
Minister . The main authorities state are:
• the Monarch (Elizabeth II),
• the parliament (House of Lords and House of Commons),
• the Cabinet with the Prime Minister (David Cameron).
The UK hasn’t got a constitution in the sense of a formal written text but has
a constitution in the material sense of general norms and principles.
Queen Elizabeth II
Prime Minister David Cameron
Administrative division
Official language
Language used
English, Cornish
English, Scottish
English, Scottish
Gaelic, Scots
English, Welsh
English, Irish
Northern Ireland
English, Welsh
English, Irish
British archipelago has about 5500 islands. The largest of them are
Great Britain, Ireland, Anglesey, Hebrides, Shetland, Orkney. Great Britain has
an area of ​about 245 thousand km ². In the north the main island are Old
Scottish Highlands and Grampians. In the middle are Pennine Mountains
and Cambrian Mountains. The highest peak is Ben Nevis. It has 1344 m
above sea level. In the central and southern part of the island dominate
lowlands. Coasts in the south-west are mostly cliffs and steep. In Scotland
are fiord coasts. In Wales are rias coasts. On the island there are many
postglacial forms for example: drumlins, eskers, glacial erratics.
Ben Nevis the highest peak in the UK.
United Kindgdom's topography
Rivers and lakes
On the island is a dense network of rivers. The biggest are Thames, Severn,
Trent, Mersey, Clyde. Rivers are short. The main river in the country is
Thames (338 kmlenght ). Thames flows through London, and flows into to
the North Sea. Most of the rivers are regulate (water gate, dams built from
XV century). There are also many postglacial lakes (the biggest Lough
Neagh, Loch Lomond, Loch Ness, Monar). The deepest lakes in the country
are Loch Ness (226 m) and Monar (310 m).
River Thames in London
Loch Ness
The Middle Ages celtic tribes populate the UK. They came from Eastern
Europe. Inhabitants of the island have adopted their language and culture.
The influx of Normans led to the Celtic migration to the lands of Scotland,
Wales and Ireland. The Romans in 60 B.C. conquer the island. However in
409 A.D. they left the Great Britain due to the Celtic invasion. In the fifth
century England was conquered by the Anglo-Saxon tribes and started
Christianization of these lands. In eleventh century the Great Britain was
conquered by the Normans. In 1534 Henry VIII created an independent
Church of England apart from the Vatican. He began a new religion
Christianity – Anglicanism. In 1707 a personal union with Scotland joined
England and it was transformed into a real union. In 1801 it was created
into the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. From 1837 to 1901
Queen Victoria took the throne. From 1901 the throne took the House of
Saxe-Coburg and Gotha prevailing in the UK even today.
Bayeux Tapestry depicting events leading to
the Norman conquest of England
Britain in 410
Henry VIII
Queen Victoria
Sports which are popular in the UK are: football, football league, rugby
league, rugby union, rowing, boxing, badminton, cricket, tennis, darts and
golf. They were originated or developed in the United Kingdom. In most
international competitions, separate teams represent England, Scotland
and Wales. Great Britain has many stadiums for different sports. England
has the best football league in the world – Barclays Premier League. In
Wimbledon in south London every summer are international tennis events
The Championships, Wimbledon – tennis tournament called temple
Wembley Stadium in London is a football
Millennium Stadium in Cardiff is a rugby
Centre Court in Wimledon
Monuments and attractions
Big Ben
The construction of this neo-Gothic
tower was built in 1858. The
clock was built by Edmund
Beckett Denison, and the
company EJ Dent & Co. in 1854.
The clock face was designed by
Augustus Pugin and set in a steel
frame with a diameter of seven
meters. The bell is named after
Sir Benjamin Hall, a chief works
in 1858. On 12 th September
2012, the tower was officially
named Elizabeth Tower.
London Eye
London Eye is a giant Ferris wheel
situated on the banks of the
River Thames in London,
England. The entire structure is
135 metres. It was erected in
1999 but was opened 9 th
March 2000. The London Eye
was designed by architects
Frank Anatole, Nic Bailey, Steve
Chilton, Malcolm Cook, Mark
Sparrowhawk, Julia Barfield
and David Marks. It costed
70 million pounds.
Buckingham Palace
Buckingham Palace is the official
residence and principal
workplace of the British
monarch. The palace is a
setting for state occasions and
royal hospitality. It is also a
place for state ceremonies
and official meetings of Heads
of State. The palace was built
in 1703 as the residence of
the Duke of Buckingham.
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