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Interesting place of Great Britain

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Interesting places in Great
Wallace Monument
Buckingham Palace
Edinburgh Castle
Tower Bridge
Milenium Bridge
Cathedral of Liverpool
British Parliament
Big ben
Town hall of Belfast
Caerphilly Castle
Arundel Castle
Wallace Monument
It’s a tower located on top of
Mount Abbey Grarg, near
Stirling, Scotland. It
commemorates the figure of
William Wallace, a Scottish
military hero of the 13th
century. It was designed by
John Thomas Rochead. The
monument has a spiral
staircase of 246 steps. From
the top of the tower you can
see Ochil Hills and the firth
of Forth.
Buckingham Palace.
Buckingham palace is the
home of the British
monarch. At first, the palace
was a small hotel. Lacter the
hotel was bought by George
III in 1762. In the XIX
century the palace was
renovated by John Nash and
Edward Blore. In the 20th
century it became the
official residence.
Edimburgh Castle.
Edinburgh castle is an
ancient fortress built on a
volcanic rock in the centre of
the city of Edinburgh. It has
been used militarily since
prehistoric times. Beeing
intented for civilian use only
until very recently. It is
located at the top of the high
street, three of its sides are
protected by steep cliffs, and
access to the castle is limited
to a steep street on the east
side of the castle.
Tower Bridge.
It is a drawbridge located in
London over the river
Thames. It is located near
the tower of London. It is
sometimes mistakenly called
London Bridge, which is the
next bridge upstream. The
Bridge is maintained by
Bridge House Estates, a
nonprofit company under
the tutelage of corporation
of London.
Milenium Bridge.
It is a suspension bridge of
steel pedestrian crossing the
riverThames, passing
through London. It is
located between Southwark
Bridge and the Bridge of
Blackfriars. The south side
of the bridge is near the
Globe theatre, Bankside
Gallery and Tate modern.
The North side of the Bridge
is near the city of London
School and ST. Paul’s
It’s a prehistoric monument
located in the English county
os Wiltshire. It’s one of the
most famous sites in the
world, Stonehenge is
composed of earthworks
surrounding a circular
setting of large standing
stones. Built around 2500
BC. It was a burial ground
from its earliest beginnings.
Cathedral of Liverpool.
of Liverpool
Built on St James’s Mount
in the city centre of
Liverpool. Its official name
is the cathedral Church of
Christ in Liverpool. The
total external length is 189
metres and its internal
length is 146 metres. It is
one of the cathedrals in the
Built in 1902. The
foundation stone was laid by
King Edward VII in 1904.
There are 13 bells and there
is a K6 telephone box
designed by Giles Gilbert
British Parliament
Westmister Parliament: It’s
the supreme legislative body
in the U.K and British
overseas territories. It is
bicameral so it has two
houses: House of Lords and
the House of Commons. It’s
in London. The house of
Lords is formed by members
of the Peerage and Church
of England. The House of
Commons is formed by
members who are chosen
Big Ben.
Big Ben.
It’s the most famous
monument in England. It’s
placed near Westmister
Palace. This is the name of
the biggest bell in the clock
tower but the tower is also
named this way. It has been
functioning since 1859 and it
was built in 1858. The
weight of the bell is 13 tons.
Town Hall of Belfast
City Hall
It’s the civic building of the
Belfast City Council.
Located in Donegall Square,
Belfast, Northern Ireland, it
faces north and effectively
divides the commercial and
business areas of the city
Caerphilly Castle.
y Castle.
it’s a medieval castle that
dominates the centre of the
town of Caerphilly in south
Wales. It is the largest castle
in Wales. Built between 1268
and 1271. It’s a concentric
castle with extensive water
•The castle deteriorated was
in disuse. Its owners, the
Marquesses of Bute
undertook extensive
restoration. In 1950, the
castle and grounds were
handed over to the British
Arundel Castle
Arundel Castle
• It’s a restored medieval castle. It
was founded by Roger de
Montgomery on Christmas Day
1067. Roger became the first to
hold the earldom of Arundel by the
graces of William the Conqueror.
The castle was damaged in the
English Civil War and then
restored in the 18th and 19th
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