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Priscilla Butler, Image Wisely

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Image Wisely
IRPA Workshop on Radiation Protection Culture,
February 10 – 11, 2011
Priscilla F. Butler, M.S.
Medical Physicist and Senior Director
ACR Breast Imaging Accreditation Programs
ACR/RSNA Joint Task Force: Adult
Radiation Protection
• Formed in 2009
• Partnered with ASRT and AAPM
• Develop initiative to build on the success
of Image Gently
Goals include
• Raising awareness
• Educating imaging professionals, referring
providers, patients
– 1-stop location to find links to great info
already on the WWW
– New educational content
Action Plan
• Target audiences will be addressed in two
– Radiologists, Technologists, Medical Physicists
– Patients, Referring Physicians, Administrators
• Targets areas (in order of priority)
– Computed Tomography
– Nuclear Medicine Procedures
– Radiography / Fluoroscopy
Initiative Name and Logo
Key Messages
• Imaging Wisely –
– The right exam, performed the right way
– Use the most appropriate exam for the
clinical problem
– Make sure the benefits outweigh the risks
– If ionizing radiation is used, make sure the
dose is appropriate
Key Messages
• When CT is the right exam –
– Before imaging, check the dose and protocol
– Tailor mAs, kVp, and other technical factors to
patient size and indication
– Use as few phases as possible to answer the
clinical question
– Scan only the indicated areas
Demonstrate Your Commitment
• A commitment to Image Wisely –
– Pledge to the campaign
– Get accredited (by the ACR or equivalent)
– Participate in a Dose Index Registry
Image Wisely Launch
• 2010 RSNA: Special Interest Session
• Radiology Editorial – December, 2010
Marketing Plan
• Promotional communications by Image
Wisely leadership, including written and
video pieces
• Public service announcement for trade
journals and general broadcast
• Variety of collateral paraphernalia (e.g., lapel
pins, stickers, etc.) distributed at the 2010
Image Wisely Website
Website chair –
Christof Wald
Image Wisely Website Content
• Informational and reference content for imaging
providers, medical physicists, and technologists
• Links to CT equipment manufacturers’ dedicated
microsites, with vendor-specific information on how
to optimize dose on their equipment
• Links to,, and,
Radiation Benefits/Risks Primer
• A downloadable imaging history card for patients
(co-sponsored by Image Wisely and the FDA)
• The Image Wisely pledge form
Educational Content Leadership
Imaging Providers
Medical Physicists
Rad Technologists
Vender Microsites
• Referring Providers
• Patients
Bob Zeman
Bill Hendee
Kevin Powers
GE, Siemens,
Philips, Toshiba
Julie Timmons
Radiation Primer
Imaging History Record Card
The Pledge
3000 pledges, as of
February 8, 2011!
Work Continues
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