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Healthy Way of Life

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Healthy Way of Life.
During this year we have been working on the project "Healthy way of life."
Every day we hear the word "health" and know that it's very important in our life. But what does it mean? According to the World Health Organization: "Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity."
Health is a priceless property of both a person and society. Meeting our friends and relatives we wish them to be healthy because it's one of the main conditions of being happy. Health helps us to follow our dreams, solve problems and overcome difficulties. Keeping good health provides long and active life. But how to be healthy? It's a difficult question to answer.
The aim of our research was to work out some advice helping people to be healthy.
To achieve this aim we
- studied material about the role of health in our life;
- studied our friends' ways of life to define likeness and difference in them;
- classified habits influencing the people's life;
- made a sociological interrogation and revealed the aspects our pupils try to follow and avoid.
Now we are going to present the results of our work.
Since early times people have been thinking about healthy way of life. Their thoughts are reflected in different proverbs and sayings. Such proverbs can be found in many languages what proves the importance of this topic. Here you see some of them.
Agues come on horseback but go away on foot.
Wealth is nothing without health.
An apple a day keeps the doctors away.
Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.
Здоровому врач не надобен.
Здоровому и горе не горе, а беда не в зарок.
Здоровье всего дороже.
Здоровье выходит пудами, а входит золотниками.
Здоровье дороже богатства.
Здоровью цены нет.
Здоровья за деньги не купишь.
В здоровом теле здоровый дух.
Gesunder Mann, reicher Mann.
Gesund wie ein Fisch im Wasser.
Der kurzeste Weg zur Gesundheit ist der Weg zu Fuss.
Richtig leben-lange leben.
Im gesunden Korper- gesunder Geist.
So you see that in different languages proverbs are different but they all mean the same: money won't please you if you don't have good health. Then it's easy to become ill but it's difficult to get rid of the illness and of course you should follow some rules and advice to be healthy. What rules are they?
There are a lot of people in the world and they spend their lives differently. They have various habits influencing people's lives. Firstly, we've studied medical recommendations and revealed some habits everyone should avoid if he/she wants to be healthy.
Look at the spidegramme.
1. Physical inactivity. (It can make your muscular system inefficient and vital organs undeveloped).
2. Not getting enough sleep. (It has a bad effect on your skin and capacity to work).
3. Snacking, skipping meals. (It leads to obesity, digestion problem, diabetes and other diseases).
And there are absolutely mortal habits.
4. Smoking.
5. Drinking alcohol.
6. Drugs taking. (They break down the nerve system, completely destroy the organism and shorten the life in several times).
But what do the doctors and health specialists usually recommend us to do?
1. Keeping active/ doing exercise. (It's of great value to most individuals because they improve and maintain the general all-round fitness, increase strength, endurance, coordination and as they relax muscles they relax mind).
2. Good night rest. (It helps you to look attractive and capable for work)
3. Spending time on fresh air. (It does a lot of good to your circulation and appearance).
4. Balanced dieting. (It is very important for your organism. It gives nutritive material, all vitamins and minerals necessary for life.
At first glance these rules are not difficult at all. But do most of us try to follow them? We made a sociological interrogation and asked ... teens from 12 to 14 from our school. What results we received.
90% do morning exercises.
74% try to eat main meals instead of snacking.
76% prefer to eat sweets and chocolate instead of fruit and vegetables.
6% go to bed before 10.00 pm.
58% go in for sport regularly.
44% often walk in the fresh air.
30% smoke.
30% drink energetic or alcohol drinks.
0% use drugs
To make a conclusion we may say that pupils of our school try to do morning exercises and not to skip meals. But mainly it's because we have good breakfast and lunch at school dining-room and we always do morning exercises before the first lesson. Some of the children go in for sport. They attend sport sections in our school and in some other establishments. But the problem is that many children go to bed late and some of them smoke or drink energetics. When we asked teens why they do it we had four variants of answers. The first reason is curiosity. ( % )
% want to present themselves as adults.
% imitate the friends' behaviour.
% do it because they like it.
Be attentive! If you don't ant this bad habits turn your life into a nightmare we advise you to read more information about this problem and follow your parents' and teachers' recommendations.
To sum everything up we may offer the following things. If you want to be in a good health we suggest you to follow ten basic rules.
1. Get enough sleep.
2. Do morning exercises.
3. Keep to a diet.
4. Do not constantly think about your failures.
5. Change the way of life if you feel bad.
6. Make realistic aims.
7. Get rid of bad habits.
8. Become tempered.
9. Get rid of complexes.
10. Avoid useless and bad advice.
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