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проблема отцов и детей
Государственное общеобразовательное учреждение
Средняя общеобразовательная школа №1083
Кафедра иностранных языков
Проект на тему: "Generation Gap: Is it Possible to overcome it?"
Келиматова Амина
9 "А" класс
Руководитель: Ядыкина Татьяна Александровна
Москва, 2009.
Проблема: взаимоотношения людей различных поколений
Гипотеза: Проблему отцов и детей можно избежать, следуя определённым советом и правилам.
Цель: Разработать советы для подростков и родителей, помогающие им в общении и взаимоотношениях.
Задачи: - изучить особенности жизни подростков, их любимые занятия, их проблемы
- изучить особенность жизни людей старшего поколения
- выявить причины разногласий и сложных взаимоотношений между ними
- опросить
Методы исследования: - сбор и анализ информации
- опрос
Our project is devoted to the problem of generation gap and if it is possible to overcome it. It raises the problem of the relations between old and young people, and their children. Before starting to work we had a hypothesis that teenagers and parents can avoid the problem of generation gap following some rules and advice. That's why the aim of my work was to work out the advice for teenagers and parents which can be useful and helpful in their lives. For this purpose we tried to analyze the causes of generation gap and its after-effects.
The word "teenagers" is often associated with the word "problems". Some people think they are rude, lazy, impolite. They don't think about education and are mad of clubbing, shopping, hanging out with friends and wasting money they didn't earn. But what about representatives of other generations. You can also find people disturbing others at every age.
So, we can't say that adult are always right and teens are guilty in all dead sins. But very often we can see tension in parent and children relations . Where are the roots of it? Home is considered the warmest and coziest place in the world. BUT on the other hand it can become the worst one. It happens when parents and children don't trust and understand each other. Very often parents don't want to admit that their children start being mature, have their own opinion and priorities. They begin to control them excessively . Children think that too many things are forbidden to them and this fact irritates them greatly. They begin to have a lot of rows with adults. In other families parents are busy earning money and struggling for survival. Children live their own lives and do everything they want to do. The next reason is divorces. When parents have second families their children from the previous marriage begin to feel jealous and loneliness. Teens become reserved and feel depressed.
All these factors lead to cold relation in the family and make the problem of generation gap acute. How can this problem be solved? Only we can change our relations. We must try to be more patient and attentive to the parents. And it is necessary for parents to treat their children like adults and equal persons.
Sociological interrogation.
These are results of our interrogation. We have interrogated 86 persons from the school, at the age from 14 to 17. All children are from different families and of different social layers. Before interviewing we have put forward a hypothesis: "Children at teenage age do not trust parents and consider they hardly ever can find understanding". Our hypothesis has proved to be true. More than half of interrogated have answered that parents never respect their own opinion. The most interesting fact is that the more senior the teenager is the less he trusts the parents. How can this problem be solved? I've questioned my friends and classmates about the things they want their parents to do and the things they don't want their parents to do. On the base of their answers we worked out the advice for parents. For Parents: 1. Share the interests, hobbies and plans of your child!
2. Share the home duties fairly!
3. Treat your child as an equal person!
4. Don't be indifferent to your child's problems!
5. Don't control your child excessively!
6. Let your child wear the clothes he/she wants to have!
7. Try to make the decisions together!
8. Respect your child!
9. Remember you were teenagers yourselves not so many years ago!
10. Be tolerant! Then I asked my parents and relatives about the things which annoy them in young people's behavior. So, I made the advice for children.
For children: 1. Trust your parents!
2. Try to understand your parents problems!
3. Try to help your parents in the way you can do it!
4. Don't be too independent and self-confident!
5. Remember you are the most precious thing for your parents!
6. Think you will be parents yourself in some years!
7. Be tolerant!
I think our hypothesis was right. So, it's clear that only we, ourselves can change the relations and overcome the problem of generation gap. Список использованной литературы:
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