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Сказка на английском языке для использования на уроках, во внеклассной работе и т.д.
Once Upon In a Desert…
(a fairy tale)
Day after day, week after
week, the hot sun burned in the sky. Everything was hot and dry.
The giraffe was very hungry. There were only a few leaves on the trees and they were brown and dry.
The zebra was very hungry, too. The ground was dry and hard and there was only a little grass.
A thirsty hippo walked to the bank of the river.
There was only a little water and it was dirty and brown.
And the elephant was very hungry. And the ostrich was very hungry and thirsty, too.
And the crocodile was hot and dry.
It had nothing to eat
and nowhere to swim and suffered very much. All the animals were very unhappy.
They didn’t know what to do.
Why didn’t it rain? And suddenly…
The elephant looked at the
sky. Was that lightning?
The lion lifted its head and listened. Was that thunder?
There were some dark clouds in the sky. They came nearer and nearer.
And then the rain started –
only a little at first
but then more and more, heavier and heavier.
After the rain there appeared a beautiful rainbow in the sky. And all the animals were happy again.
The End
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