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AHP Champion Award 2007 - American Horse Publications

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AHP presents the AHP Champion Award to individuals for their
distinguished service to the association and its growth. Collectively, the
winners become the AHP Circle of Champions. The recipients of this
award are individuals who were instrumental in the development and
growth of American Horse Publications. Each recipient receives a
commemorative pin, individual plaque, and their names honored online
at the AHP web site.
The Executive Committee presented its recommendations for nominees
at its mid-year Board Meeting, where the Board
approved awarding the 2010 AHP Champion Award
to 12 individuals.
The first three Champions were all involved in
the development of AHP programs.
Walt Wiggins
Quarter Racing World
1977-1978 AHP President
Erbert Eades
The Blood-Horse
1978-1979 AHP President
Don Price
Michigan Harness Horseman
1979-1980 AHP President
The next three Champions really paid their dues through
some rough times in the association.
And we were holding two seminars a year.
Les Ford
The Harness Horse
1985-1986 AHP President
Thom Mezick
The Horsemen’s Corral
1986-1987 AHP President
Peter Winants
The Chronicle of the Horse
1987-1988 AHP President
While the association was still in a transitional period in
AHP history, the next three presidents’ terms were fun
and on the cusp of the change.
Tracy Gantz
The Thoroughbred of California
1988-1989 AHP President
Chris Brune
Eastern/Western Quarter
Horse Journal
1989-1990 AHP President
1992-present Executive Director
Bill Shepard
Paint Horse Journal
1990-1991 AHP President
The presidency took on more responsibilities
for the next three honorees as the awards contest
expanded and membership grew.
Nancy Lee
The Chronicle of the Horse
1991-1992 AHP President
Karl Little
Cutting Horse Chatter
1992-1993 AHP President
Forsberg Meyer
California Horse Review
1993-1994 AHP President
Arnold Kirkpatrick (Thoroughbred Record)
Lucille Shuler (Arabian Horse World)
Melvin Peavey (Horse World)
Don Valliere (Turf & Sport Digest)
Alexander Mackay-Smith (The Chronicle of the Horse)
Snowden Carter (Maryland Horse)
Tony Chamblin (The Horsemen’s Journal)
Ruth Brown (Eastern/Western Quarter Horse Journal)
Stanley F. Bergstein (Hoof Beats)
Bob Gray (Horseman)
Audie Rackley (The Quarter Horse Journal)
Walt Wiggins (Quarter Racing World)
Erbert Eades (The Blood-Horse)
Don Price (Michigan Harness Horseman)
Les Ford (The Harness Horse)
Thom Mezick (Horsemen’s Corral)
Peter Winants (The Chronicle of the Horse)
Tracy Gantz (The Thoroughbred of California)
Chris Brune (Eastern/Western Quarter Horse Journal)
Bill Shepard (Paint Horse Journal)
Nancy Lee Comer (The Chronicle of the Horse)
Karl Little (Cutting Horse Chatter)
Jennifer Forsberg Meyer (California Horse Review)
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