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What is the International Summer Award?
The International Summer Award (ISA) was created to
support Yale College students who receive financial aid
during the academic year to participate in at least one
international experience.
The ISA provides a percentage of the program budget,
based on the student's need for financial aid in 20142015.
Students participating in an ISA eligible program may be
eligible for ISA funding.
The maximum amount of ISA funding will not exceed
Who pays for the ISA?
Each year, ISAs are paid by Yale College
and through the generosity of donor funds.
п‚Ё Each ISA recipient is required to submit a
report about their experience, and to thank
the donors who helped fund this experience.
п‚Ё In summer 2014, 421students received the
ISA and nearly $3.5 million dollars was
spent in ISA funding.
Who is eligible for an ISA?
Generally freshmen, sophomores and juniors who
have not received an ISA before. They must have
received Yale Scholarship in the preceding award
year (with the exception of Light Fellows) and plan
to attend an approved program that is four weeks
or longer. Full eligibility criteria can be found here
ding/isa/eligibility.html, including the Leave of
Absence policy.
The ISA does not support independent projects.
How do I check my eligibility?
Students who receive Yale financial aid can find out
what their percentage award will be on the Student
Information System:
Log in.
 Go to the Financial Aid Menu.
 Click on the International Summer Award Calculator at
the bottom.
What programs are ISA eligible?
Study Abroad
Eligible study abroad programs
must be on the approved list,
and must be at least 4 weeks in
Students receiving ISA funding to
support study abroad must also
be receiving academic credit for
their experience.
Eligible programs include Yale
Summer Session courses abroad,
Yale in London, Global Summer
Program, and designated nonYale study abroad programs.
Eligible internship
programs must be
Yale-coordinated, and
must be at least 8
weeks in duration.
Eligible internships are
listed in OCS’
Symplicity database.
What is the program cost?
2014 budgets are available on
the website, and 2015 budgets
will be posted soon so students
can use those to estimate program
Please Note:
A student’s total scholarships, fellowships, and
salary cannot exceed the total program budget, just
like financial aid for the academic year.
If a student’s combined summer scholarships,
fellowships, and salary exceed the program
budget, the ISA would be adjusted.
How do I apply for the ISA?
Please note that there is an ISA application
which is separate from your program
The ISA application opens on February 15,
and you can access the application by going to and clicking “Apply for the
The ISA application deadline is May 1.
A Note for International Students
International students must complete certain forms
at the International Tax Office before receiving the
If you have not already done so, please make an
appointment at Yale's International Tax Office.
It is best to complete these documents as early as
possible to prevent delays in receiving your ISA
Navigating the ISA Website
ISA Funding Example
In the 2014-2015 award year Emily is considering several ISA
options. She has 70% eligibility. The three programs she is
considering below are 8 weeks long.
What does the shortfall mean?
Since Emily has 70% ISA eligibility, she will be responsible for
a portion of the cost. Students who are short a portion of the
program cost will need to pay out of pocket for that expense.
Students will be responsible for covering their Summer Income
We recommend creating a plan to raise the amount you need
through self-funding options, like taking advantage of Yale
employment, holding a fundraiser, or asking friends and family
to help. We find students who do ask friends and family for
financial assistance have the most success when they treat their
request like a presentation: go in with all the facts, show them
how you will benefit, and be able to articulate specifically
what you’re asking them for.
Can I borrow to offset the cost of abroad expenses?
Students participating in Yale Summer
Session or Yale in London may be able to
borrow to cover any gap in their program
costs, or to cover New Haven room and
board expenses. Please contact Financial
Aid for details on eligibility and for the
When and how are funds received?
Students can expect their funds in early May.
If you participate in Yale in London or Yale Summer Session you will be
billed through your Yale Student Account.
The ISA will be credited to your student account to offset the program charges.
To view the status of your program charges and ISA funds please check your
Account History or eBill-ePay.
All other students will receive checks which can be picked up at the
Cashier’s office. You will receive an email from [email protected] as soon
as the check is available. In the unlikely event you’ve left campus before
the funds are available, please respond to the email from
[email protected] and ask them to mail the check to a US address. Then
you will need to respond to the email to authorize the mailing of the check.
What if fees are due before I get my ISA
Program deposits and early airfare fees are
the responsibility of the student. We may be
able to provide written confirmation of your
percentage eligibility once accepted to the
program, and some programs will reduce or
postpone the required deposit with that
documentation. We are unable to advance
funds to a student under any circumstances.
By accepting the ISA, you agree to the following terms:
If a student’s plans change and s/he is no longer eligible for the
ISA, then s/he are required to return any ISA funding that s/he
may have already received.
Students must use the ISA only for approved expenses. If students
withdraw or fail to complete the program, that student will be
required to return all or part of the funds. Likewise, federal funds
received for summer programs may also have to be returned in
accordance with federal regulations.
By accepting the ISA, you agree to the following terms:
Upon completion of my time abroad, all ISA recipients must submit a report
about their experience that may be sent to donors who helped to fund their
Failure to submit the ISA report by the September 1st deadline will result in
your access being blocked to the Office of Career Strategy's Symplicity
system, which will block your ability to search and apply for post-graduate
jobs and internships through the system (including the Yale-Coordinated
domestic and international internship programs). Your access will remain
blocked until you have fulfilled your ISA report requirement.
I understand that failure to submit the ISA report by the deadline will result
in my Students using ISA funding to participate in a non-Yale summer study
abroad program must earn Yale credit. This means that students must earn
the US equivalent of a C- or greater in my courses abroad.
Thank you!
[email protected]
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