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Beyond 2015 Engagement of CYINDEP

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CYINDEP’s involvement in the Post-2015 Process
Kerstin Wittig, CYINDEP
Vienna, 04 December 2012
Context: Post-2015 Process
• MDGs expire in 2015
• UN Secretary General appointed High Level Panel to draft
report with recommendations for the Post-2015 framework
• Final Report of HLP to be submitted in May 2013
• UN carrying out around 90 National and 11 Thematic
• Online Thematic Consultation on Hunger, Food and Nutrition
Security, led by FAO and WFP open for 1 month (until 21
December 2012)
Beyond2015 Campaign
• A global campaign aiming to influence the creation of a post 2015
development framework that succeeds the current MDGs
• A diverse, global civil society campaign, bringing together over 400
organisations from over 80 countries
• It ranges from small community based organisations to international
NGOs, academics and trade unions
• A partnership between civil society organisations from the �North’ and
the �South’ – bringing together groups from developing, emerging and
developed economies
Beyond2015 Campaign
• The Overall objective of the Beyond2015 campaign is to develop a shared,
global civil society position on the content of the post-2015 framework.
• The campaign is divided into national hubs – one of them the European
Taskforce, which:
• brings together all 200 European participating organisations in the Beyond2015
also consults closely with the full membership of CONCORD
Submitted a contribution to the EC consultation on the post-2015 framework
Is currently working on its position to the post-2015 framework, feeding into the
position of the global Beyond2015 campaign
Participating in the drafting of Beyond2015 contributions to the UN Thematic
CYINDEP’s Beyond2015 Focus
• CYINDEP made the post-2015 process its priority during the EU
• Good opportunity for Cypriot Civil Society, as it goes beyond national
Unites the civil society organizations – concerns every citizen on the
planet, opportunity to strengthen the role/ input of Civil Society
Great opportunity to look beyond divisions, such as rich-poor,
developed-developing countries
Timing: good opportunity to influence process
Food Security priority of Ministry of Foreign Affairs for CY EU Presidency
CYINDEP’s Beyond2015 Focus – what did we do?
• CYINDEP joined the Beyond2015 Campaign and the Steering Group of the
European Taskforce
• Participation in Beyond2015 May-Seminar in Brussels
• Participation in drafting group for ETF submission to EU consultation
• Participation in drafting group for global Beyond2015 submission on Food and
Nutritional Security
• Drafting of Policy Paper and Principles Paper
• Participation in Informal CODEV Meeting in Cyprus
CYINDEP’s Beyond2015 Focus – what did we do?
• Collaboration with CY MFA for Global Civil Society Symposium (main
Presidency event of CYINDEP) – High Level Panel Discussion, focus on Food
Security & Nutrition in Post-2015
• 100 participants from EU and Global South
• 1st day: civil society only
• 2nd day: High Level Panel (CY MFA, Piebalgs, IE MDev, UK DfID, Prince of Lesotho,
WFP and UNDP), messages from CS WGs (Day1), discussion; formulation of
messages/ recommendations for UN Thematic Consultation
• Outcomes of Symposium will be submitted to e-consultation on Hunger,
Food and Nutrition Security (facilitated by FAO, WFP), feed into global
Beyond2015 position for UN Thematic Consultation
• CYINDEP Team newly hired for Presidency project, limited capacity
• No prior experience in Food/ Nutrition Security
• No prior collaboration with MFA
• Political sensitivities and internal challenges of working with MFA/
Presidency in bi-communal context of CYINDEP
• Limited time for European Taskforce/ SG of Beyond2015 campaign
• Almost none of CYINDEP’s members have any experience in food security or
post-2015 process
• Global Civil Society Symposium/ Global Dialogue – half of the participants
from non-EU countries could not obtain visa/ necessary transit visa
• Creation of CYINDEP Taskforce – the only active taskforce
• Participation in TRIALOG-FoRS Seminar, Beyond2015 Seminar
• Beyond2015 Team very helpful
• Presidency Project – funding opportunity for Global Civil Society
Symposium, supported by Beyond2015 campaign
MFA had no budget or experience, needed CYINDEP as partner
Our Global Civil Society Symposium became the �prestige’ event of the
Minister of Foreign Affairs
New working relationship with MFA also enabled CYINDEP to participate in
the Informal CODEV Meeting in Cyprus, address the CODEV and disseminate
our Policy Paper on Post-2015
Now familiar with process and structures – Beyond2015 will remain
Plans for 2013
• Maintain the Post-2015 process as priority for CYINDEP work
• Contribute to Beyond2015 positions, participate in Irish Presidency events
(April, May)
• Hold roundtable discussions in different cities of Cyprus, connecting the
Post-2015, food/ nutrition security discussion to local realities
• Potentially continue collaboration/ consultations with MFA
• Stronger engagement of member organisations in the process and
Thank you!!!
Kerstin Wittig
CYINDEP – Cyprus Islandwide NGO Development
Home for Cooperation
28 Markou Drakou Street
1102 Nicosia, UN Bufferzone
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